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TOR browser is a product of the Tor Project and is the only official mobile browser supported by it. It operates akin to the desktop Tor browser. Reduction in tracking time across websites, enhanced defense against surveillance, resistance against browser fingerprinting and circumvention of censorship are a few of the proper features of the Tor browser for Android.

Download and installation

Tor Browser is available in two forms (i) Tor browser for android and (ii) Mobile Tor Browser for Android- Alpha. It is the best fit for non-technical users due to its stability and ability to be less prone to errors. You can get access to Tor browser on Play Store, F-Droid and the Tor Project website. Any of its versions outside the aforementioned platforms could be risky.

Google Play

The latest version is available on Google Playstore from where you can download and install Tor Browser on your device.

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The F-Droid repository on the guardian project provides you with the latest version of desktop and mobile Tor Browser through the following steps:

  • Get access to the F-Droid website and download the F-Droid app on your mobile device
  • Open the app as the F-Droid app is installed
  • Get access to “settings” at the lower right-hand corner
  • Get access to “open repositories” under “my apps” section
  • Enable the toggle “Guardian Project Official Releases”
  • The downloading of a list of apps from the Guardian Project’s repository in the F-Droid may take a few minutes
  • As the download completes- tap the “back” button appearing in the upper left-hand corner
  • Tap on “latest” in the lower left-hand corner
  • Click on the magnifying glass at the lower-right side of the screen
  • As the process completes- search for “Tor browser for android”
  • Open and install Tor Browser generated by “The Tor Project”

The Tor Project website

The Tor project website provides you with Tor Browser via downloading and installing the app from the website.

Tor Browser

First run on android

An option to connect directly to the Tor Network appears on the Tor Browser or you get the option to connect directly to the Tor Network when the program is run for the first time.

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Generally, choosing “connect” allows the users to connect to the Tor network without any changes in the configuration. The changes will appear at the bottom of the screen as soon as it is tapped. This indicates that Tor’s connection is in progress.

In case of access to a fast connection, often the text seems stuck at a certain point. You can access the troubleshooting page to solve the problem.


Select the settings icon in case a censored connection takes you through a series of configuration options. First screen intimates you about the status of desktop and mobile Tor Network and helps you ‘config Bridge’ to configure bridge as per requirement.

In case you are already aware of the censored connection or you made attempts and failed to connect to the Tor Network without any solution to Config Bridge, you will get access to the circumvention screen for a pluggable support configuration.


Bridge relays are akin to Tor relays listed in the public Tor directory. Bridges prove useful for Tor users working under oppressive regimes. It also proves useful for people willing to get extra security who fear getting identified while contacting a public Tor relay IP address.

The users need to tap on the ‘settings’ icon while using pluggable support for the first time. The first visible screen intimates you about the Tor Network status. The users need to tap on “Config Bridge”.

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The device notification section intimates you when desktop or mobile Tor Browser is active. The panel reflects the notifications along with the button of “New Identity” in the android browser as it does not prevent your subsequent activity from liking your previous task. In case you select it, only the Tor circuit will be affected.

Tor Browser

Security Settings

Certain web features with the ability to compromise your security and anonymity are disabled with the application of security settings. Tor Browser is adept in providing three-level security checks on the desktop. Likewise, you can modify the security levels by:

  • Tapping on 3 vertical dots in the URL
  • Scroll down and tap on “security setting”
  • Selecting the options among Standard, Safer or Safest.


Users should keep the browser updated at all times. If the outdated version is used, the software may become vulnerable to some serious security flaws compromising user privacy and anonymity. You get the option of automatic and manual updates.


Users get the option to uninstall desktop and mobile Tor Browser from F-Droid, Google Play or any other app setting on the device.

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Known Issues

Presently, few features are unavailable in Tor Browser on Android. However similar updates are available for Tor Browser desktop version.

Unable to see Tor Circuit #25764

Poor or no connection of Tor Browser for Android when moved to the SD Card. #31814

Inability to take screenshots while using Tor Browser for Android. #27987

Unable to upload files with Tor Browser for Android. #40283

Inability to open onion addresses requiring Client Authorization #31672

Tor Browser for iOS

iOS does not support Tor Browser. iOS is not compatible with Onion Browser using Tor routing developed by someone working closely with the Tor Project. However, iOs browsers require Webkit preventing Onion browser from possessing privacy protections as Tor Browser.

Tor Browser for Windows Phone

Older windows phones are not compatible with Tor Browser. However, the new Microsoft-promoted phones give you Tor access in all its means.

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