Truecaller users will not be able to record calls, here is why

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Popular global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication Truecaller, has decided to discontinue the call recording feature from its app. The decision has been taken after Google updated its developer policy.

Earlier, Google announced to ban all third-party call recording applications. Truecaller’s response has come as a measure to avoid being banned by the Google from Play Store. Effective May 11, Google will remove all the call recording applications from Play Store.

Recently, Google announced that applications to record calls, called Accessibility API, is not designed and cannot be requested for remote call audio recording. It must be mentioned here that the use of a microphone for recording calls was removed in Android 10. A call recording warning on Dialer app was also introduced by the Google.

Option for Android users

Those who are using Android smartphone need not to be bothered as they can use call recording feature with the help of Google Dialer or the Phone app. You need to press the record button for call recording. However, as and when a user presses the record button, an announcement “this call is now being recorded” is made automatically to make both parties aware of the call recording.

Additionally, Google’s stance curbs call recordings without the consent of a user, as most third-party call recording applications do. Nevertheless, some smartphone manufacturers still provide the feature in-built, in a way that users do not require to download any app.

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