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Smartphones are presently a necessity of the era as smartphones assist the world in carrying out many things. The multifunction phones were invented with a futuristic idea, and the idea succeeded in a short period.

But ever wondered about some fascinating facts about the gadget that is in your hands, if not then flip through this article as here we will be communicating some eye-catching facts that revolve around the most significant invention of the era: the Smartphone

1. More megapixels doesn’t assure a good camera

For years it was believed that a phone blessed with a high megapixels camera would click high-quality photos, but it’s not true. With a high-pixel camera, one can only zoom in on photos more precisely, but the overall quality of the image doesn’t only depend on the megapixels of the camera.

For a high-quality photo, a camera should have a quality lens, a larger sensor and a good image processor; only then a picture clicked from it will be considered a high-quality image. Next time when buying a smartphone, you should pay attention to these points.

Top Ten Facts About Smartphones

2.  A spaceship is less potent than a smartphone

Following surprising fact is that a smartphone has more computing potential than a space shuttle with only 1MB of RAM. Even in the past, an iPhone 4s had 512 MB of RAM, but the computing system of a space shuttle is generally considered competent, but still, the RAM and processor of the smartphone are faster than a space shuttle.

Also, the current specifications loaded in smartphones are more powerful than the computers NASA had in 1960; with the help of those potato PCs, NASA landed on the Moon.

3.  A smartphone without a SIM can be tracked easily

Many still believe that if the sim card is removed from a smartphone, no one can track the gadget, but it’s not true. Both Android and iOS mobile phones can be tracked even without a sim card inside them. Professionals have clarified that tracking a smartphone without a sim card is not a complicated process.

Sim Tracker

Professionals can track your mobile easily through many aspects like IP address, IMEI number and even with the help of mobile towers by getting to know your last location where the sim card was removed.

4. Iphone’s time is always 9:41 in Ads

Ever pointed out that the time of iPhone and iPad in ads, including TV ads, banners and much more, is always 9:41; the reason behind this is that when the first product of apple was launched, the time was 9:41 p.m. and the date was January 9, 2007, an official of the apple company revealed the secret.

Even he explained that every session of an Apple product is done in 40 minutes, and only then do they show the product and its blasting features. Since the beginning of Apple, the company has been showing the same time and date on each of its gadgets. Many people are unaware of this interesting fact.

5.  High specs don’t mean fast performance

For ages, it has been assumed that if a smartphone has high specs, it will deliver high performance; it is not true because, in a study, it was proved that a phone’s performance is not only determined by the specs that the company devotes but by supplementary factors too like the operating system, core performance and many other things.

Top Ten Facts About Smartphones

When you are buying a phone in future, Don’t settle for one that offers good specs but go through other aspects like OS management, core management, etc. Following the steps will get you the best Smartphone.

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6. Charging your phone all over the night doesn’t affect the battery

Many so-called tech experts always tell you one thing that doesn’t charge your phone overnight as it will damage your battery, but they are wrong because charging your phone for a long time doesn’t affect your battery. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that it thinks about every user.

Usually, the system of Android phones that are currently being sold is built in such a way that it will stop taking any energy from the charger when the battery gets fully charged.

7.  Low Brightness levels will not benefit your eyes

Many people around here believe that keeping the brightness level of a smartphone will not affect their eyes, but we are here to tell you that it is not valid. High brightness levels will harm your eyes. If you decide to keep them low, you will get extra strain on your eyes as you struggle more to read.

For better protection from the rays of smartphones, one should turn on the reading mode available in the smartphone and use a smartphone with blue block glasses as the glasses will block all the harmful rays that your smartphone is emitting.

8.  70% of YouTube traffic is from smartphones

Top Ten Facts About Smartphones

The audience of YouTube is majorly coming from smartphones. The officials working on YouTube have claimed that around 70% of their total audience is from smartphones, not from any other device.

This signifies that people are more comfortable with smartphones when watching YouTube videos.

9. Internet users check their smartphones 58 times daily

A person using the internet checks their smartphone around 58 times a day on average, a study shows, and in the same survey, it was said that every internet user spends 5 hours a day on their Smartphone.

Internet users

Also, when smartphone user checks their phone for notifications, they end up spending around 10 minutes on the smartphone.

10. South Korea holds the most smartphones

South Koreans are advanced from day one, and they are ahead of the world in the smartphone field too. Around 94% of South Koreans acquire a smartphone, a study showed.

The other 6% had a simple cell phone, but very few people had no mobile phone.

Final Words

It was all about the top ten facts about smartphones, and concluding the whole article, we would say that the report contained genuine information about facts, and all the facts are taken from trusted sources.

We hope you liked the article and the article provided you with some knowledge with value and you would support us in the future too.

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