Telegram Enhances User Experience with New Built-In Giveaway Feature

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  • Telegram channels can now host giveaways with Telegram Premium subscriptions as prizes.
  • The giveaway feature simplifies setup and management directly within the app.
  • Winners receive a redeemable code for a free Telegram Premium subscription or can gift it to another user.

In a novel move to amplify user engagement, Telegram has integrated a giveaway feature, streamlining the process for channel owners to reward their followers.

This innovative approach positions Telegram as one of the pioneers in the messaging app domain to offer a native giveaway service, simplifying what has traditionally been a third-party-led endeavour.

Previously, orchestrating a giveaway entailed significant effort on the part of channel administrators, often requiring reliance on external platforms.

However, Telegram’s new functionality promises ease of use, with the app itself facilitating every step of the giveaway, right from setup to winner selection.

Here’s how it unfolds: Channel owners can now host giveaways with prizes like Telegram Premium subscriptions, funded entirely by the channels.

The selection of winners is randomized by Telegram, ensuring a fair chance for all participants.

Channels can tailor the giveaway terms, choosing to open it up to all subscribers or limiting it to newcomers.

Telegram Enhances User Experience
Telegram Enhances User Experience

Upon victory, recipients receive a code redeemable for a Telegram Premium subscription. For existing Premium subscribers who win, the bounty is transferable, allowing them to share the perks with non-subscribers.

Significantly, the giveaways are not just confined to virtual prizes.
Channels have the latitude to offer tangible financial incentives, further sweetening the deal for followers.

Moreover, the benefits for channels go beyond subscriber satisfaction.

Each Premium subscription given away translates into four ‘boosts’ for the channel, which can be redeemed for enhanced customization options and exclusive features.

This latest feature rollout is more than a mere addition; it’s a strategic enhancement to the Telegram community experience, potentially reshaping engagement strategies for channels and bolstering the platform’s allure in the competitive social media landscape.


What is Telegram’s new giveaway feature?

Telegram has introduced an in-app giveaway feature, allowing channel owners to offer Telegram Premium subscriptions as prizes. This feature simplifies the giveaway process, providing channels with an easy tool to engage with and reward subscribers.

How does the giveaway feature work for Telegram channel owners?

Channel owners can set up giveaways within Telegram, which the platform then manages from start to finish. This includes automating the winner selection process and providing codes for the Telegram Premium subscription prize.

Can existing Telegram Premium subscribers participate in the giveaways?

Yes, existing Premium subscribers can join in the giveaways. If they win, they have the option to gift the Premium subscription to another user, making the giveaways inclusive for all Telegram users.

What additional benefits do channels get by hosting giveaways?

For every Premium subscription given away, the hosting channel receives ‘boosts’, which can be used to unlock special features and customization options for their Telegram channel, thereby enhancing their channel’s appeal.

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