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Telegram Messenger has come out with a brand new update by releasing features like Infinite Reactions, Emoji Statuses, and a lot more in order to boost user chat experience. The platform already had a previous update that revolutionized the usage of emojis as an new open platform to create custom animated emojis.


The company hopes to provide a helping hand to users by devising ways to engage these new emoticons while chatting so that users can express their feelings and specify the exact emotion they’re feeling at the moment and send the relevant emoji to the user.

We all know how important emojis are in current times as they are the main tools through which users can express what they’re feeling to the recipients and accordingly convey it to them without anyone misinterpreting what they mean.

Infinite Reactions

Due to this users can gain access to many reactions, which includes those that were confined to Telegram Premium and where only few users could access crucial information when it came to reactions.

Telegram has expanded the reaction panel by accommodating all the new emojis due to which only those reactions which users use on a frequent basis will now be shown at the top.

Users having a premium subscription are at an advantage as they can choose reactions from from a selection of countless custom emojis where they can use 3 reactions per message. These changes are currently available in groups and 1-on-1 chats.

It is up to the group admins whether they want custom reactions to be used in their groups or not, which is apparently due to certain people unnecessarily sending a host of emojis to confuse others.

Emoji Statuses

Instant reactions isn’t the only update that users can avail as premium users can add an animated emoji status, which is displayed next to their name (in place of the Premium Badge of a user in the chat list).

It is for letting people know how they are feeling or doing currently, which they can express via the emojis in an understanding way. With the latest update, users can set 7 standard statuses that change the colour to match different Telegram themes or choose from an array of custom emojis.

Login Flow Improvement

This is for those users who log in and out frequently as they can now receive login codes via their email address or using Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google. It is now quite east to sign up and login to Telegram on iOS smartphones due to the new interfaces and useful animations with which Android users are familiar with.

All usernames on Telegram have their own links through which users share their public profile, group or channel anywhere on the internet. With this new update, users can be privy to new unique link format username – – to emphasize their name.


Android Download Priority

With this feature, Android users can now avail additional download settings where they can now press and hold any items in the list to reorder them and change their priority. Also, media and files that are actively downloading can be easily managed in the ‘Downloads’ tab where you need to tap the Downloads Android icon that appears in the chat list of the user.

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