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The photos and videos sharing app, Instagram, includes many user-friendly features like filters, video posts, story highlights, Instagram stories, Instagram live, Instagram Stories video, AR filters, and IGTV.

Remix for Reels, shopping options, new Link stickers, and the public thread Last Year are some of the useful features that the app has added in the last year to attract more users. Similarly, Instagram has added a new feature called Schedule Instagram Live Stream.

Instagram’s ability to schedule livestreams is called Live Scheduling. With this feature, you can plan your stream up to 90 days in advance, and viewers can set alerts to watch. Instagram gives users the choice to start a live video through their Stories.

For those who want to become creators in particular, this feature is fantastic for increasing engagement. Additionally, it enables users to communicate directly with their fans.

Live scheduling will enable creators to generate anticipation for a major announcement, an impending event, or even a launch among followers up to 90 days in advance. Additionally, users receive a reminder 24 hours and 15 minutes before the live broadcast of the event.

The post, its summary, and a prompt containing the live link will be visible to followers. Creators can post countdown Stories and much more with Live Scheduling.

The ability to schedule livestreams was introduced in 2021, but it was only available to creators. In January 2022, Instagram opened up access to the feature to all users. You can now schedule an Instagram Live, regardless of the kind of profile your business has.

Benefits of scheduling Live Streaming

How To Schedule a Live Video On Instagram

This feature can become a crucial component of your workflow if you typically schedule your Instagram Live events in advance. When you plan an Instagram live through the app, you can:

  • An Instagram banner is automatically created when you arrange a live stream. In this way, anyone who visits your profile can easily see the event information and add your livestream to their calendar. In this way, anyone who visits your profile can easily see the event information and add your livestream to their calendar.
  • Your followers can tap your Live banner and can choose to get a reminder about your event. Instagram automatically reminds your followers about the event, a day before to increase live attendance.
  • You can write posts or stories to promote your upcoming event when you arrange a live. After scheduling a live, you can create posts or stories to tell your followers about your upcoming event. A suggestion to turn on notifications for your live is included in posts so that people can turn on notifications.
  • You can arrange an unlimited number of lives on the Instagram app right now. If you have multiple events scheduled, the one that is happening soonest is shown on your profile. Individuals can tap the banner to view all of the lives you’ve planned and to receive reminders for all of them.

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How to schedule a live broadcast on Instagram?

How To Schedule a Live Video On Instagram

It’s simple to start a live video on Instagram, and it’s equally easy to schedule one for the future. Additionally, Instagram users have the option to include additional followers in Live videos. To interact with your fans, you can plan a live broadcast up to 90 days in advance or even an hour in advance.

The Instagram app’s live broadcasting function can be scheduled in the following way:

  • Select “Live” after clicking “Create New” at the top.
  • On the left-hand side, click “schedule.”
  • Tap Done after entering a video title and choosing a start time.
  • At the bottom, click Schedule live video.
  • Share your scheduled live broadcast by tapping the share button and choosing how you wish to do it. Your live broadcast’s title, start time, and an option to encourage viewers to watch it will all appear in posts and stories you publish.

Below your profile image, you’ll see the date of your next planned live broadcast. Share, edit, or cancel it by tapping it. A reminder will be sent to you 24 hours and 15 minutes before the time you pick to remind you of your upcoming live broadcast.

Users can pique their followers’ interest by pre-scheduling Instagram Live. They may be able to obtain better perspectives as a result. The post, its description, and live link are all visible to followers. Users can publish countdown stories in addition to scheduling to reach as many followers as possible.

The business has also introduced a function called “Practice Mode.” Before going live, the new tool allows producers to communicate and engage with viewers. Before starting a broadcast, makers can use this application to evaluate the audio and visual quality.

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