Sima Aunty is back for Indian Matchmaking Season 3, now streaming on Netflix: Everything You Need to know About Popular Reality Show

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* Indian Matchmaking Season 3 is releasing on Netflix today.
* This season too we’ll see Sima Taparia try to get Indian and Indian American singles hitched.
* Some familiar faces are back along with some new singles in this season.

Indian Matchmaking is back for the third season and as ever, Sima Taparia aka Sima Aunty is ready to get people hitched. Indian Matchmaking Season 3 starts streaming on Netflix today. This time the show will feature some new faces and we’ll also get to see some familiar faces.

Sima Aunty

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 will have eight episodes in total, and all of them will release today itself. This season too, Sima will help Indian and Indian American singles from London, New Delhi, Miami, and New York find a life-long partner. If Indian Matchmaking isn’t up your alley then you can check out other TV shows and movies releasing this week.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3: The Characters

Sima Aunty

So whom can we expect this season? Some of the familiar faces include Viral and Aashay’s love story which we should see more of in this season. Then there’s Rushali from season 1 who, despite having a disappointing date with Pradhyuman, is not giving up on finding love. Then there’s Priya from season 2 who is also giving dating another chance in season 3.

New clients in this season include a “frequently friend-zoned math teacher, an ER doctor with a criteria list that might rival Aparna’s and a client that reminds Sima of her younger self.”

Sima Aunty

If that isn’t enough to entice you or you’re not sure whether to watch Indian Matchmaking season 3, you can take a look at the trailer below to get a glimpse of what’s in store this time.

This season too, Sima will use her usual tactics which include taking the clients’ criteria lists, biodata and astrological charts. This might not be enough though as Netflix says Sima will take the help of some fellow matchmakers who even turn to dating apps, something Sima Aunty might not agree with given her traditional ways of matchmaking.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Release date, first look and more

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 will premiere on 21 April. The famous Mumbai matchmaker will be seen helping single millennials find love. This time around her clientele will range from New York to New Delhi, and Miami to London. Expect to see some old clients return for the new season which will consist of eight episodes.

How excited is Sima Aunty for Season 3?

Sima Aunty

The matchmaker told E! News, “Traveling the world to help single people find love is one of the best things about my job and in this season of Indian Matchmaking, I’m taking my talents to London!” Additionally, she will help clients based in places like Miami, North Carolina and more.

What can you expect from the show?

Sima Aunty

Just like its previous seasons on Netflix, one can expect some heartbreaks and some happy endings in this season. Taparia noted that filming for Indian Matchmaking Season 3 wasn’t easy. “Fans will see new clients — and new demands. Season 3 has some of my most challenging clients to date, but also some special matches and maybe even a ‘happily ever after’ or two,’” she told E! News. The third season is likely to feature at least one marriage proposal.

Sima Aunty

Faqs on Indian Matchmaking Season 3 & Sima Aunty

1) When is the Indian Matchmaking Season 3 release date?

Ans) All eight episodes of the new season will arrive on April 21.

2) Where can I find the trailer?

Ans) Well, the stars have aligned because you’ll find the official trailer for the new season just above.

3) What happens in Indian Matchmaking Season 3?

Ans) When we last left off, Sima saw some her clients walk down the aisle — and others step back onto the dating scene. But a matchmaker’s work is never done, especially when destiny is involved. Over the eight new episodes, Sima will try to find lifelong partners for a group of Indian and Indian American singles putting their future in her hands. Cross-referencing criteria lists, biodata and astrological charts, the matchmaker pulls from her extensive database to guide the singles through the process of arranged marriage.
And she’ll even get some help along the way. This season, Sima meets up with fellow matchmakers, some of whom are utilizing dating apps to make finding love just one swipe away.

4) Who are Sima Aunty’s clients this season?

Ans) Expect to see a blend of new and familiar faces seeking Sima’s help. The love story between Viral and Aashay continues to unfold this season, as the couple takes exciting steps in their relationship. Rushali, who you might remember from her disappointing Season 1 date with Pradhyuman, is still searching for a soulmate who will see beyond her beauty queen exterior. In the final moments of Season 2, fans also got a first glimpse of Priya, a young London-based divorcée, who’s giving dating another chance in the new season.

As for the newbies, prepare to be introduced to a frequently friendzoned math teacher, an ER doctor with a criteria list that might rival Aparna’s and a client that reminds Sima of her younger self.

“If I were to describe myself, desperate please help,” one new cast member jokes in the trailer, while another’s mother says her beatboxer son loves “the swag” in a potential partner.

5) Where was this season filmed?

Ans) With no shortage of singles to work with, the only thing more well-worn than Sima’s database is her passport. This year, Sima will take her matchmaking skills across the globe, making home visits in London, New Delhi, Miami, New York and beyond to help couples and families fulfill their destinies.

6) Can I see photos from the new season?

Ans) Get your first look at a few of the calling on Sima’s expertise below.

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