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Netflix has decided to launch a movie marathon from December 26, 2022 as it wants its subscribers to enjoy their holidays with a slew of excellent movies, TV series, reality TV shows, etc. so that they will remember this holiday season for a long time.

The biggest movie of the week is going to be White Noise, which will release on December 30 and stars Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig, where it is being speculated that both are attempting the impossible with this venture.


  • White House is touted to be the biggest movie launched by Netflix that starts streaming from December 30, 2022.
  • It is an ambitious project of low-budget powerhouse director Noah Baumbach, which will be his first big-budget venture as well.
  • The movie is an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s seminal postmodern novel of the same name that features a new song by LCD Soundsystem.

White Noise to Release on Netflix on December 30

Netflix wants to end 2022 with a bang as it has a slew of movies, TV series, shows, reality TV, lined up from December 26 where you can watch your favourite flicks up to December 31 and welcome the New Year watching new releases.

White Noise is arguably the biggest movie released by Netflix that will be released on December 30 and will be directed by Noah Baumbach, a low-budget director for whom this will be his first ever big-budget venture and is an extremely ambitious project for its makers.

The movie stars Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig that will be an adaptation of the seminal postmodern novel of the same name, which was written by Don DeLillo, which has been touted as an impossible project by mane, although the Netflix budget and the combination of Driver, Gerwig, and Baumbach, is a promising one to do its best.

What is interesting is that White House will feature a new song by the reclusive band LCD Soundsystem that retired some time back with a large sendoff in Madison Square Garden, while the movie itself had a brief theatrical release so that it could be considered for awards.

White Noise In Brief

Many people are considering the adaptation of the White Noise novel into a film to be an impossible venture due to the peculiar postmodern nature of the novel like its first section has little to do with the plot as it simply sets up the story of the Gladney family in satirical overtones.

The expectations in the movie are that viewers will get to meet Jack Gladney (Driver) and his family where his academic leadership is revealed in the field of Hitler studies, while Babette, played by Gerwig, is his fourth wife, where the story involves both of them raising their four children, two of whom are from his previous marriages, one from hers and the fourth child they had together.White Noise

Once everything is in order, the Airborne Toxic Event hits that is caused by a train accident due to which a cloud of chemical waste looms overhead ominously, while the ATE forces the town where the Gladney family lives to evacuate.

To avoid giving spoilers, one of the family members has to be quarantined as he becomes exposed to the cloud while Murray, Jack’s colleague, is a professor trying to make “Elvis studies” popular, is also helping them out, although his help is not doing much in mitigating the problem.

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White Noise Critical Review

White Noise has received a 62% score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an extremely popular review aggregation website, which implies that it will not get universal acclaim from the audience, although it is still good and worth watching.

Coming to critics, Richard Roeper from Chicago-Sun Times has praised the performances of Driver and Gerwig calling them “wondrous together”, while the child actors playing their kids have also done a good job.

Brian Tallerico from has also praised Driver’s performance as funny enough without having to rely on broad character beats, while the score by Danny Elfman has been praised as one of the best to have come out in 2022 as it connects three totally different sections.

Similarly, A.O. Scott from New York Times has called the film detached where you have a succession of moods and notions that seem interesting, although he has claimed that they’re not entirely cohere.

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