Samsung India Sells Smartphones Worth Rs. 14,400 Crore During Festive Season

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This festival season, when the people are in high spirits to buy new gadgets just proved to be a big hit for the Samsung company, as it has just made a whooping sale worth Rs. 14,400 Cr between two months September and October. The expanding consumer trust and reliability in this smartphone manufacturing company, along with the amazing reviews on smartphone Galaxy S22 series and its recently launched flagship, foldable smartphones added to the extraordinary sales numbers. This still going strong company for the last 10 years is making its mark as an imperative smartphone manufacturer. Aditya Babbar, Senior Director and Head of Product Marketing at Samsung India confirmed the same record and further concluded that this soaring revenue of INR 14,400 crore of the company was met through the insane number of sales of smartphones, smart wearables, and tablets amidst the festival period of 2022. Samsung’s in-demand devices were considered to be under affordable rates and had some heavy rebates on the prices that lured most smartphone users.

The reason that seems to support this longshot, double-digit profit and robust sales of Samsung smart devices is owing to the gaining demand for premium and advanced devices, where Samsung has the utmost trust value. This famous South Korean company auspiciously paved its way through the last quarter of the year 2022. The company claims that its overall mobile phone business grew by 20 per cent and has a 22 per cent revenue market share in the first nine months of 2022. Babar further spits out the facts by addressing the factors that make them a leading smartphone manufacturer in India “We have also been the number 1 brand in terms of value since 2013. Consumers are adopting more 5G and premium phones. We are at the forefront of the democratisation of 5G with a Rs 10,900 device. We have 20 devices which are enabled with 5G. We are number 1 in the 5G brand for the last four quarters,” Being there in the market for this long, Samsung understood the importance of taking the advantage of being the first in the market to welcome revolutionary dynamics; Hence registering rising levels of sales. It’s an undebatable point that Samsung is the best fit and adhering to the Indian population criteria list ever since this hardware company has earned the goodwill to remain at the top of being among the highest in-demand android-based smartphone manufacturer.


Samsung India

If the reports are to be believed, the company is also rolling out software updates for all 5g-supported devices, to provide the 5g services to the user as soon as the 15th of November. Samsung’s portfolio seems to be flourishing in the coming future as well. This celebratory number of sales has made it more reliable and compatible with the population. The rising demand for smart wearables owing to the growing health consciousness and augmenting demand for flagship smartphones among smartphone fanatics. Moreover, the escalating popularity of e-commerce platforms for buying such devices was a conducive factor for Samsung’s strong business.

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