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Reddit is an online forum where people pose questions and give their opinions on topics of different fields. It is more or less similar to Quora in this sense where you can rate content, discuss on numerous topics and learn about social news circulating in media.

The latest buzz is that Reddit has come up with a unique way to accept cryptocurrency payments with the help of Community Points and has now partnered with FTX, which is a well known crypto exchange that help unlock crypto-enabled perks for Reddit Community Points.

It is these community points that act as a measure of reputation in many users’ communities and are displayed next to usernames in subreddits but since they are on the Arbitrum Nova Blockchain, it allows users to take their reputation anywhere in the internet world.

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Reddit has been quite popular with many users and one of their main aims is to empower communities through which they can use Reddit wherever and whenever they please, which can be done with the help of a decentralized and self-sustaining blockchain technology.


In Brief

Reddit Community Points are essential for any user to have as they can create Special Memberships in the Community that they can purchase with points and unlock multiple features on the site like badges.

It allows users to personalize their presence on subreddit apart from adding a highlighted colour of their choice on their username. They can also add Emojis, embed GIFs, and run weighted polls to make decisions.

Users that make a comment or post will get a tip while crypto vault is the tool through which you can send community points to the redditors. So with such an excellent feature added, it will make cryptocurrency transactions easy to manage in the long run and encourage other cryptocurrency users to try it out.


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