Ethereum Merge: Crypto Industry Breakthrough?

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In Brief

Money has been a medium of exchange for a long time when it overtook the barter system in this matter. Every country has its own official currency through which its citizens can make purchases in that particular country as long as they’re in it.

Dollar is the official currency for US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, while pounds is the currency for UK and Rupee for India. Cryptocurrency is a term that originated around a decade ago.

Cryptocurrency is an unofficial currency, which means that it is not regulated and watched over by the central bank of any country, unlike the official currencies mentioned above. For example, Rupee is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which is the country’s central bank.

Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, with Ethereum being a close second, both of which have acquired cult status for many years by becoming the proverbial currency exchange for many people.

The crypto industry has seen many ups and downs in the past decade and a half but the market has been under pressure since late 2021, which had become a matter of serious concern for Bitcoin and Ethereum users.

Ethereum merge

Fortunately, there has been a huge software upgrade for Ethereum, which is to be expected considering how big of a crypto platform it is. The upgrade has been termed ‘The Merge’, which is a long way in the pipeline since it was announced way back in 2014, which led to many crypto experts speculating whether a consensus strategy was in the offing, which is also energy efficient.

Ethereum Merge was termed as a migration that would shift Ethereum from its current Proof-of-Work (PoW) system to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system, which has not only slashed energy consumption by a whopping 99.95% but also led to massive improvements in the core infrastructure.

PoW and PoS play the role of protocols whose job is to validate transactions and keep blockchain network secure and decentralized where the former is a mechanism used by bitcoin to regulate block creations and network integrity via mining process, while the latter is an alternative consensus mechanism that delegates network control to the given token’s owner.

Ethereum Merge has proven to be a major breakthrough in the crypto industry as it has increased the security of Ethereum because an attacker needs 51% of the blockchain value in order to take control of the currency.

Even in the unlikely event of getting a 51% attack, the attacker can not only be instantly identified and ejected from the system in a jiffy, but also penalized severely like destroying all the stakes he owns.



All in all, Ethereum Merge will become a landmark by invigorating further research between the congress and crypto industry, which’ll lead to both collaborating together for future prospects while federal agencies will be at their disposal for providing technical assistance.

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