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There is still some time left before the successor of the current iPad 10.9 is officially announced. Until that happens, there is no doubt that iPad 10.9 is one of the most appealing tablets available in the market segment right now. With iPad 10.9, Apple has really tried to improve an already refined design into something finer by adding premium features that set the tablet apart from all products in this segment. However, there are plenty of areas on which the brand can definitely work on in its next model. So, based on user inputs, tech expert reviews and multiple tech bloggers’ observations, we have listed out a few things that we want to see in the new iPad that is slated to be launched in 2023.

Before we get to the new iPad 2023 and what we want to see in it, we must take a look at the leaks and tips already floating in the tech new section regarding Apple’s upcoming tablet launch.

Based on the fact that Apple usually announces new products in this segment in the last quarter of the year, many tech enthusiasts have speculated that a September or October 2023 launch can be expected. It is also rumoured that Apple might announce the next tab along with the iPhone 15 reveal. There are no particular leaks about the specifications and price point as of now. But according to some tech bloggers, bigger screen sizes and some much-needed design changes are surely on cards for the next iPad. Moreover, a chipset is also likely to be used. Now, let’s move on to what we want to see in iPad 2023.

Less Reflective Screen

One of the biggest negatives most of the iPad 10.9 reviews highlighted was the lack of anti-reflective coating. This one flaw made it quite uncomfortable to work with the tablet when you are outdoors. So, not the screen size or even an upgraded screen with the upcoming model, We want to see Apple working on the screen reflection issue that everyone faces with the last model.

Apple Pencil 2 Support

One shortcoming of iPad 10.9, and this most users would agree with, has been the non-compatibility with Apple Pencil 2. It does support the original Apple Pencil but it should even be a question especially when the iPad already switched to a USB-C port. We hope the brand fixes this in the next model.

New iPad 2023

Improved Battery Life

If there is one thing that Apple as a brand has to work on, it is the battery life of its products. The brand already is aware of the constant complaints its loyal user base has been making over the years. Although iPad 10.9 battery life is much better with an 8 to 10 hours battery life, the brand can definitely do better when you look at the battery the brand used in MacBook Air (M2, 2022).

Increase the Camera Modes

It is true that no one purchases a tablet for its camera quality or photography skills. However, the limited camera models in iPad 10.9 were truly disappointing. It doesn’t even have the classic portrait and cinematic mode and we are hoping this would not be the case with the iPad 2023.

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