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Do you stutter every time a visitor asks for your WiFi password because either it is too complicated to have it on the top of your tongue or because you simply do not wish to share for security reasons? Whatever the reason may be, sharing your WiFi password safely and carefully is essential. If you are an iPhone user and the device you wish to share your WiFi password with is also an iOS device, then Apple has a secure way for you. Now you can share your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPhone without actually sharing the password or having it manually entered on the other iPhone. Follow the below step-to-step guide on how to share a WiFi password from iPhone.

Step 1. First of all, you must ensure that both iOS devices are running on the updated iOS version. The WiFi password-sharing feature was with the iOS 11 version, so both devices should be updated accordingly.

Step 2. Secondly, both WiFi and Bluetooth need to be turned on in both devices for the feature to work smoothly.

Step 3. If the Apple IDs of both devices are different then you need to connect and add the other device’s Apple ID to your contact list. If the Apple ID of both devices is the same then there would not be any problem.

Step 4. Similar to how Bluetooth connection works entirely on the basis of the proximity of both devices, here too you will have to keep both iPhones close for utilising the feature.

How to Share WiFi Password from iPhone Step-to-Step Guide

Follow the below-mentioned step on the device with which you wish to share the password.

  • Go to Settings on the password-receiving iPhone
  • Choose the WiFi option
  • Now when all the available WiFi networks are visible, Tap on the one you wish to connect to.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps on the iPhone from which the password will be shared.

  • The host iPhone will get a pop-up asking if you wish to share the password as soon the receiving iPhone taps on the network on their device
  • On the pop-up, the option to Send or Share the password would be visible. Tap on Send Password
  • Next, you will see on the screen that the host iPhone will share the password with the receiving iPhone
  • Tap on Done on the iPhone screen once the process is complete

While following these steps should smoothly allow you to share your WiFi password with another iPhone without risking the security of the network or actually sharing the password, some users might face some issues. If the above steps do not work for you or you face any problems, here are troubleshooting tips to keep in mind.

  1. Ensure your iOS is updated. Open Settings on your iPhone > Tab on General and check if software updates are available.
  2. Check once again if the other iPhone’s Apple ID is saved in your contacts on not. This is an essential step for the feature to work.
  3. If everything is fine and you are still facing issues in completing the steps, try to Restart your devices once. This applies to iPhone, Macbook, iPad, or even Android devices.
  4. Turning your WiFi Off and On can also work if there are any connectivity issues.

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