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Youtube has given an unexpected and extraordinary career to many. And the one who is topping the list possibly in all aspects is Mr. Beast, with the real name Jimmy Donaldson a philanthropist by heart and a YouTuber and entrepreneur by profession where he often comes with out-of-the-box stunts and pensive clothing and energy drink line, respectively.

Starting his Youtube journey on February 20, 2012, Mr. Beast is standing at the top of the pyramid today with a massive number of honest followers and subscribers. This 25-year-old YouTuber has 124 million subscribers and almost all his videos reach millions or billions of views.

The YouTuber has often been in talks for recently being the No.1 Youtuber and dethroned PewDiepie. With insane sponsorships, all the merchandise sales, and other numerous business collaborations hint us at a whooping and solid Net Worth of Mr. Beast in 2022. And to calculate the net worth of Mr. Beast, we will be digging into his sources of income and recurring expenses.

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Earnings of Mr Beast – No 1 YouTuber

Jimmy Donaldson Aka Mr. Beast practically lives in his production studio continuously working on his upcoming content and refining the stuff. And guess diligence is the key to getting around 100 million viewers on each uploaded video

Note that: The estimation laid down below is not an exact amount. As it is a private organization that is not obligated to public announcements. And we are not exactly aware of all the investments or possible debts by the Youtuber. It is just an estimation!

Warning! Don’t Gasp.

This sheer commitment is just right under our nose as Mr. Beast has to date uploaded  733 videos and is still making more content as you read, a massive army of 124 million subscribers, and 20.7 billion views.

With such statistics and freshness in his content, Mr. Beast has heavily monetized his channel and monthly earnings between $405.4K – $6.5M. That takes us to conclude that Mr. Beast’s yearly earning will be nothing less than $4.9M to  $77.8M.

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Not only this, Jimmy Donaldson Aka Mr. Beast earns a lump sum amount via brand collaborations and sponsorships. Confirmed by Mr. Beast himself that he has total sponsorships somewhere in the range of $3 million. Moreover, merchandise sales, like t-shirts and hats holding Mr. Beat’s logo is gaining traction and another reason fueling the YouTuber’s income slab.

Additionally, Mr. Beast also participated in several business ventures that include a clothing line and an energy drink line. If still estimating the earnings, we can say this No.1 Youtuber earns around $100 million yearly.

Expenses of Mr. Beast


The massive sponsorship, Wide merchandise sales, Heavy endorsements, active business ventures, and youtube streaming has given Mr. Beast great recognition, and to gauge his net worth let’s put his expenses into perspective. The recurring expenses are as follows:

Taxes: Jimmy Donaldson Aka Mr. Beast is a responsible US citizen particularly residing in Greenville, North Carolina, and abides by the law by paying taxes based on the money he withdraws for personal expenses according to the tax rates laid down where he lives.

Donations: Mr. Beast is quite vocal about his support of the active causes and represents his massive respect for the stance by making sizable donations. A philanthropist by heart, Mr. Beast often has been seen making significant donations.

Labor costs: There are around 150-200 full-time employees and as many as part-time employees that are employed to work on content creation and production. Mr. Beast also owns an accounting team.

Production and living Costs: By the refined quality of the videos presented we can safely say that Mr. Beast enormously spends on producing his YouTube videos and also leads a comfortable living in his studio apartments. Besides this, the Youtuber drives some exotic cars. Additionally, the other expenses also include money spent on props, set development, food, giveaways, travel, and many more.

This estimates $3-$4 million of monthly expense, excluding a couple of million spent monthly on marketing the business ventures and the brand.

Net Worth of Mr. Beast No 1 YouTuber

Now we have the gross earnings and the gross expenses by Mr. Beast which makes us well-equipped in calculating the Net Worth of the No. 1 Youtuber. Depending upon the data and information on earnings and expenses we estimated the Net Worth of Mr. Beast and it stands at approximately $105 million.

This Youtuber spends lavishly and leisurely on the production of his videos and spending on different ventures that will help him grow manifold.

The actual net worth is not our’s to tell, But we see Mr. Beast has created a successful career by producing some exponential challenges videos and a vast fandom.


Mr.Beast, the No. 1 Youtuber, Entrepreneur, and philanthropist are at the real heights of his career and sure has a lot more success to see, and his Net Worth by the start of 2023 says the same about him.

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