mPowerO: An e-learning platform for teaching, engaging and communicating

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mPowerO is a platform designed to deliver a comprehensive e-learning experience through instructor-led live classes, supplemented by structured learning resources for self-paced, asynchronous learning.

mPowerO has been optimized to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted learning with an anytime, anywhere in mobile-first experience.

About the app

The mPowerO Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or accessed on an iOS device or computer via the mPowerO web-app. The mPowerO app is only 14 MB in size, making it a very light and convenient app. mPowerO has been named as one of the top 10 apps to have benefited from digital adoption during the pandemic.


Configured Pedagogy – Deliver e-learning that is aligned to an institution’s pedagogy and philosophy

Intuitive and Visual – Simplified UI and UX to ensure emphasis remains on learning and outcomes vis-à-vis navigation of the platform

Auto-corrected Test Prep – Instant results with the ability to retake quizzes and tests to help strengthen concepts

Personalised Learning Paths – Granular and group-level analytics and dashboards to track learner progress and deliver superior learning outcomes

Ease of Access – View on a smartphone, tablet and/or computer, anytime, anywhere and with download capabilities for offline studying

Engage and Communicate – Real-time doubt clearing chat facilities with notice-boards for effective communication

Cost Effective – Cloud-hosted, secure environment requiring no investment in new hardware

Go Live in Days – Create user groups, map groups to learning resources and start learning


mPowerO also has a vast library of high-quality, board-aligned, digital learning material and test-prep resources, including videos, animations, interactive assignments, quizzes and more. Teachers and schools can add their own online learning resources to mPowerO or access public resources via links on mPowerO.

mPowerO ensures a deeper connect between teachers, students, and parents to facilitate collaborative and timely interventions for superior learning outcomes.

Strong Suits

mPowerO enables institutions leverage additional revenue sources from after-school learning, offering co-curricular courses, hosting publisher-specific content and more.


mPowerO is an outstanding platform that enables holistic learning with user-friendly, outcome-oriented approach. You can visit to learn how your institute can benefit from the platform to deliver a comprehensive learning experience in a cost-effective manner.

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