Motorola Hints at New Smartphone Concept; Details Inside

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  • Motorola didn’t reveal whether the prototype will be put into production
  • It is said to be over 4 inches when retracted
  • Motorola was previously working on a rollable prototype codenamed Felix

What are your thoughts on the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event? What do you think about the new prototype that Motorola showcased at the event?

In Brief

The Lenovo Tech World 2022 event was held very recently that was attended by many dignitaries from the tech industry, apart from the regular attendance by many tech giant insiders.

Also gracing the venue were many tech and gadget experts that were there to learn about the updates regarding the upcoming Lenovo devices and other products but there was something else that the event will be remembered by all those who attended it.

Motorola has strongly hinted the prototype of a rollable smartphone that can extend and retract by a couple of inches for which the company showed a demo video with the smartphone, although only the front panel was glimpsed by the public as Motorola did not reveal any more pictures of the device.


There were reports that Motorola had been working on a rollable smartphone model that went by the codename ‘Felix’, which was rumoured to extend vertically that was interestingly similar to the smartphone prototype that was hinted at the Lenovo event.

Many people are guessing that this could be the Felix model that Motorola has been working on around early 2022 and is speculated to be small in size and quite pocket friendly when unrolled.

Since the device was in the early stages of development at the time, there were many reports doing the rounds that that the company was using a modified Motorola Edge 30 Pro for software tests that were being conducted.

It seems that Motorola has not revealed anything about its plans to launch any smartphone based on the prototype model shown at the Lenovo event, which is why people are highly curious to gain more knowledge on the matter.

The video shown at the event only showed a glimpse of the front panel and since many other smartphone brands are doing their own bid to launch their own foldable handsets, users are quite confused as to which brand model it could be.

However, it was revealed at the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event that the smartphone measures 6.5 inches when extended and goes down to 4 inches when retracted but the demo video did reveal that this rollable handset will have a flexible OLED panel, despite only a glimpse of it being shown.



While no further info is available on the foldable handset as of yet, Motorola might soon reveal more details regarding the device as it has already revealed its front panel at the Lenovo event.

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