Mitsubishi Electric India launches M800V and M80V CNC Product Range

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Mitsubishi Electric India launched the all new M800V & M80V series Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) with state-of-the-art solutions to revolutionize smart manufacturing in India. Keeping in mind the era of remote access and control post the pandemic, the new M800V and M80V features the industry’s first CNC with built-in wireless LAN that allows you to work efficiently without any constraints of time and space.

Mitsubishi Electric India offers advanced CNC control systems to take the machining needs of customers to a higher performance level. The company supplies CNC packages and technologies to various market segments and industries. Mitsubishi Electric India started its CNC manufacturing facility in Peenya, Bengaluru in 2017 to support the ‘Make in India’ initiative and aid industries who want to adapt the latest manufacturing technology.

The all new M800V and M80V series will give a new dimension and advancement to the existing CNC technology and enable smooth operations for the manufacturers. The innovative control functions in the new series help machines do various ‘things’ at high speed and with high accuracy. Our new CNC technology, keeping abreast of manufacturers’ needs and advancement of the “time”, efficiently optimizes manufacturing from the perspective of ‘things’ and ‘time’.

The features and benefits which make the new M800V & M80V an innovative invention includes:

  • Increased fine segment processing capability and increased number of control axes: Improved hardware that is, a dedicated CPU optimized for the new M800V and M80V, significantly improves the fine segment processing capability. High machining program processing capability translates to a shorter cycle time. When compared to the conventional CNC series of products, number of some control axes have been increased in the new M800V and M80V which enables smooth control of more complex mechanisms.
  • 3D machining simulation: Through this, machine interference and machining quality check can be easily done at an early stage to reduce the number of workpieces discarded due to initial trial cutting and defective machining. The power consumption calculation feature enables visualization of machine power consumption contributing to power savings in the factories. This feature enables the new M800V & M80V to take a step ahead towards developing sustainable technologies for the machine tool industry.
  • Multi-touch operation and Improved Screen Design: Enhanced technology in the new M800V & M80V series enables multi-touch features for smarter operations and high accuracy. Keeping in mind the importance of clear visibility of information content on the screen, this new CNC product range comes with screen design and colors that are optimized for readability and ensures better visibility which leads to increased work efficiency.
  • OMR-CC (Optimum machine response-contour control): In this era of automation and rapid processing, the all new M800V and M80V series comes with Optimum Machine Response-Contour Control (OMR-CC) which efficiently reduces the cycle time while maintaining machining accuracy. This enables the machining process to work faster and saves time due to control processing which automatically corrects programmed/actual position errors.
  • Two-dimensional barcode engraving cycle: Advancement and automation is the key to progress in manufacturing. The two-dimensional barcode engraved directly on the workpiece allows automatic selection of programs and tools which helps to implement easy traceability of workpieces.
  • Built-in wireless LAN: Our industry’s first wireless LAN functionality is introduced with the invention of the M800V & M80V series. This enables machine engineers to operate remotely with a tablet connected. It allows improved work efficiency for the machine tool operators and frees them from the constraints of time & space and also enables them to work remotely.

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