Microsoft to Introduce Some Windows 11 Features in Windows 10: Report : The update is said to be part of the Windows 10 version 22H2 update

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According to reports, Microsoft is introducing the printing features of Windows 11 to Windows 10. The option to add a PIN to a print job is said to be introduced by the new printing feature. It is believed that adding this step will prevent repeated connections and inaccurate printouts. It is stated that the update is a part of the Windows 10 model 22H2 update.

It was revealed last month that Microsoft is implementing a new development schedule for Windows. According to reports, Windows 11 will also include a feature called “Privateness Auditing” that will enable users to see which apps are accessing their microphone, camera, and website data.

According to a recent report by Windows Newest, as part of its Home Windows 10 model 22H2 replace, Microsoft is adding the printing features of Home Windows 11 to Home Windows 10. Which seem to include features that are exclusive to Windows 11, such as the option to add a PIN to a print job. It is hoped that this feature will help prevent multiple connections and incorrect printouts.

As stated earlier, Microsoft is apparently switching to a new timeline for Windows operating system development. It’s believed that the company would return to its regular three-year cycle, which could mean that the 2024 release of the following flagship model.

If the company decides to stick with its current naming scheme, this version may very possibly be Windows 12, the report stated. Microsoft is also likely to step up its efforts to release new features for the current version of Windows.

In case you forgot, it was also rumored that Windows 11 will include a function called “Privateness Auditing” that would allow users to check whether programmed were accessing their microphone, camera, and website data.

Microsoft initially made the feature available to app developers for testing. However, it will eventually be made available to Windows 11 users so they may choose whether or not they want to keep using the apps that are keeping track of their sensitive data on the system.

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