Microsoft, Apple, Google in Soup; Mozilla Challenges Golden Trinity?

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Microsoft, Apple, and Google are three of the most powerful tech giants in the world with no peer to match them by a thousand miles at least. It won’t be an exaggeration to call them the golden trinity of the tech world, similar to the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh trio.

Over the years, they have rolled out with some of the best electronic gadgets and devices known to mankind be it smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, along with many others where people wait with excitement and anticipation as to what they will come out with next

There is a big reason as to why they’re where they’re at, which is right at the top and to sustain yourself at the coveted position for so long deserves all the accolades that can be given to them but things don’t always turn out as smooth as one imagines in such a perilous journey.

However, when you’re at the height and stature as the golden trinity mentioned above, to sustain the top position for a longer period, while not difficult, is no easy job as one has to encounter brickbats, envy, criticism, and many other hurdles.

In Brief

Mozilla, developer of Firefox Internet Browser, has hit out at the three tech giants that their operating systems make it difficult for Firefox and similar browsers to be opened and operated on self-controlled platforms.


Mozilla has alleged that their operation systems are such that users are not able to switch browsers easily while sometimes it is impossible to make even that happen by setting the company’s own browser as the default one on the home screen, which also occupies primary position.

Mozilla has its own Gecko browsing engine that the makers hope to use for investing and developing their own solutions, which is important as Apple, Google, and Mozilla are the only three main browser engine providers that we have today.

The problem is that Apple’s engine runs solely on Apple devices and if Mozilla is taken out of the equation, Google remains the sole cross-platform browser engine, which is a matter of serious concern as it creates concentration of power and a single point of failure.

The market share for Mozilla Firefox Browser was 3.16% worldwide for August 2022 while those of Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are at 4.3% and 18.78%, respectively while the Google Chrome browser is head and shoulders above all at a whopping 65.52% as per reliable web traffic analysis.

Mozilla has further claimed that all three big tech giants have failed to deliver on the operating system issue as lawmakers and policymakers have invested money, time, and energy, and resources wisely on investing digital markets.

The Firefox developer opines that every tech giant should be aware of the browser competition that is prevalent in such a field and has to work things out to maintain the good position so as to prevent any further harm from befalling loyal customers due to competitive stagnation and consistent inaction.


Mozilla has called upon Microsoft, Google, and Apple to work out a solution like enforcing the preexistent laws along with the upcoming, laws, rules, and regulations that will soon come into play.

Golden Trinity

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