Iron Man Game to be Developed At EA Motive Studio; Details Inside

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What is it about Marvel Studios that indubitably attracts youngsters like no other venture, not even DC. There was time when there was cutthroat competition between both franchises vying for the audience’s attention, in both movies and video games.

Over the years, it has become a one-sided play where Marvel has been dominating over DC be it on the big screen or the small screen and the popularity doesn’t seem to end for the former by any means.

In Brief

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) burst forth on to the big screen with a bang in the form of Iron Man that quickly became the highest earning movie of the year in the entire world thereby spanning a franchise that continues to this day.

MCU has acquired iconic status with the latest venture, Thor: Love and Thunder, despite being not so well received, still speaks of the strong clout that Marvel Studios has on the entire gaming industry as well as the superhero genre in movies.

Iron Man Game

The latest buzz is that Iron Man Game is under development at Electronic Arts’ Motive Studio based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which is touted to be a third person action adventure game based on a single player.

This new game will focus on the history of Iron Man where the personas of Tony Stark and the armoured hero will be channelized. It is speculated to be a huge venture that will give gamers a run for their money.

The executive producer, Olivier Proulx, has called it a privilege to create a unique story that they can call their own and after getting the green signal from Marvel Studios, they are going ahead with their project full speed ahead.

Proulx is leads the development of the Iron Man game and has previously worked on the Guardian of the Galaxy by Marvel, which received immense critical acclaim due to which he feels that his responsibility has increased to prove his worth in the gaming world as well.

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