Sony India re-writes Rulebook via Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Sony India very recently announced the launch of WH-1000XM5 head phones that has been in the pipeline for quite some time due to which many users were anxious to know whether it was coming out or not.

Touted as the much-awaited and worthy successor in Sony’s award-winning 1000XM family, it offers Sony’s legacy profound audio quality when compared to the extremely popular WH-1000XM4, which had set a benchmark of sorts during its launch.

Sony India

This new model brings a whole new immersive and distraction-free sound experience, one that users will prefer the most and with the proper implementation of new technologies, they elevate the already industry-leading noise cancelling and audio quality on the WH-1000XM5, to a grand level of sorts.


  • It is classified as an industry-leading noise cancelling – two processors control 8 microphones where users can avail phenomenal noise cancellation service that doesn’t allow background noise to spoil their fun
  • Exquisite sound quality that is engineered to perfection courtesy of the Integrated Processor V1
  • Users can also avail crystal clear call quality with 4 beam forming microphones that come with highly advanced audio signal processing
  • Music lovers can get nonstop music with up to 30 hours of battery life with quick charging support added for good measure
  • The headphones support multi-point connectivity up to two devices that are good for making calls and listening to soothing music
  • It also comes with excellent touch control and allows access to various functions by tapping or swiping the touch panel with users’ fingertip
  • Speak-to-chat smart listening technology to enhance your listening experience
  • It is available in two colour options- black and silver
  • Sony India has come up with a special booking offer through which customers can pre-book the headphones come with at an introductory price of Rs.26,990 although the offer is valid from September 21, 2022 to October 7, 2022

The headphones are receiving good reviews as of late that might grow in the coming days because of users’ trust in Sony India.

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