iPhone 15 Pro’s Anticipated Price Surge: Titanium Build and New Lens to Blame?

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  • Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro set to see a “major price hike”, with speculations pointing to new design and camera features.
  • Transition from stainless steel to a titanium chassis, a key factor driving up the costs.
  • Introduction of the periscope lens camera system adds to the pricing speculation.

As we approach Apple’s “Wonderlust” event on September 12, where the iPhone 15 series is expected to be unveiled, the buzz around the iPhone 15 Pro’s pricing is gaining momentum.
Recent reports and speculations offer some insights into what consumers might expect.

DigiTimes Research’s senior analyst, Luke Lin, has shed light on the potential pricing structure for the upcoming models.

While the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are anticipated to be in line with their iPhone 14 counterparts in terms of pricing, the same cannot be said for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Titanium and Periscope Lens: Features Worth the Extra Cost?

Titanium and Periscope Lens

The “major price hike” anticipated for the iPhone 15 Pro range is attributed to a couple of significant design and feature shifts.

Firstly, Apple is transitioning from a stainless steel to a titanium chassis, which naturally incurs additional costs.

Furthermore, the introduction of the new periscope lens camera system is another factor that can push the price up.

Although the exact numbers remain speculative, there’s chatter about the iPhone 15 Pro potentially starting at $1,099 – a $100 bump from the iPhone 14 Pro.

Taking it a notch higher, the iPhone 15 Pro Max could have a starting price tag of $1,299, indicating an increase of up to $200 from its predecessor.

Popularity vs. Price: Will Consumers Bite the Bullet?

iPhone 15 Pro variants

However, despite these potential price escalations, DigiTimes anticipates the iPhone 15 Pro variants to be the standout performers in popularity among the new releases.

Apple seems to echo this sentiment as the tech giant is strategically concentrating on increasing the production of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, leading in supply chain orders.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, might have subtly alluded to these pricing strategies during the Q1 2023 earnings call.

Emphasizing the iPhone’s integral role in many people’s lives, from health and banking to smart homes and payments, Cook stated that many users stretch their budget to get the best phone they can.


Why is the iPhone 15 Pro expected to be pricier than its predecessor?

The transition to a titanium chassis from stainless steel and the introduction of a new periscope lens camera system are significant factors.

How much could the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max cost?

Speculations suggest the iPhone 15 Pro might start at $1,099, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max could begin at $1,299.

Will the price increase affect the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus as well?

As per DigiTimes Research’s senior analyst, Luke Lin, the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are expected to retain a price point similar to their iPhone 14 counterparts.

When is the official announcement and release of the iPhone 15 range?

Apple is slated to announce the iPhone 15 lineup on September 12, with pre-orders commencing on September 15 and the official release on September 22.

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