iOS 16 Development Complete and Set to Release in September 2022

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Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the launch of the new iOS 16 smartphone and the news is that it is in its final stages of development with a few versions still in its testing phase.

Apple is all set to launch it in September 2022 but it the date is yet to be revealed but the speculations are ripe that September 7 is the day when it will come out, which is incidentally the same day when Apple Watch Series 8 is also scheduled for launch.

This time period is a little early for launching a device but it will prove to be a boost in iPhone sales as they will get an additional week, which will eventually lead to a much needed buffer period between its iPhone 14 launch event along with some other device that will happen in October 2022.

Brief Up

Among the things that you can expect from the device is a new lock screen in a revamped version, new iMessage features, copying texts from video, etc. to name a few. As of now, this little info is enough to pique the interest of many tech experts and users.

However since Apple has yet to put their official stamp of approval regarding all the rumours and speculations, all the available information has to be considered as nothing more than rumours.

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