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Metaverse is not a mere destination to reach by technical gadgets. However, carrying a virtual Identity across platforms and nurturing experiences is also required. No matter how humans narrate this conception, it appears clear how the functionality of digital identity is a constant in every conception of the talked about metaverse. The personal digital footprint will encompass both our vocal and visual personas. It will include both the digital resources we possess and the online communities we participate in. The users’  identities have to be personalised, the ability to transfer an identity between platforms while utilizing a user’s electronic device to access are the three essential technology requirements for the metaverse to flourish in the long run. There needs to be a plan in place for people to regularly access the virtual identities spanning devices and form viable connections in order for the metaverse to truly achieve flight.

Constructing Identity for the virtual world by internet consumers is particularly challenging. Will the avatars accurately represent people’s actual versions or will they represent completely fresh identities is the concern. Users can choose from a number of options while developing a virtual identity. The avatars will serve as a bridge for seamlessly fusing the physical and digital worlds. The avatars’ formulated digital identities have the capacity to develop their lives, free from intolerance and bigotry. There is scope for commencement of opening opportunities for dialogue with a diverse range of applications that allow persons with disabilities to communicate via avatars.

mobile gaming metaverse
mobile gaming metaverse

In the virtual space, avatars serve as our digital identities. We can think of avatars as the characters we control in video games, and many people will use avatars to illustrate them as they make purchases, interact, explore, and work in the interconnected online spaces that we are naming the metaverse. A user’s metaverse avatar is fundamentally a representation of that individual. The avatar can take on practically any appearance you can think of. You might appear exactly as you do in reality or perhaps you can customise your avatar as per your desire.

As avatars are heading our identities in the metaverse, representation comes into picture. The Universe is diverse and so should be the metaverse. There has to be a wide range of options for individuals to customise their digital identities which would rightfully represent their skin, their region and their unique features. Although, there has been less clarity on the most suitable metaverse ecosystem for the mass users, Non Fungible Tokens seems to be playing the most fruitful role in serving the consumer’s with an identity in the digital world. NFTs make your virtual identity exclusive in the metaverse like it is in the real world which makes it quite appealing for the metaverse enthusiasts.

An avatar-enabled metaverse has a vast array of possible applications. One side of the coin would open the door for more participatory and engaging virtual conference experiences on websites. On the other side, improvements in VR and AR technologies will modernize the scope of games. The metaverse’s continued growth will also result in an increase in virtual narrative and online celebrity worship. Avatars may also replace Siri and Google Assistant as our personal digital aides. Presumably, virtual avatars will gradually shape who we are and become an essential part of our daily life. The way our family, friends and coworkers perceive us in various social contexts plays a significant role in the formation of our identities which will get impacted positively or negatively.

Market players who have recognised and analysed the scope and requirement to bloom into this new world of possibilities have been rightfully working on developing shows for OTT platforms which will feature digital avatars with an unique identity. The completely new way of perceiving the characters and witnessing a story carried by the avatars will attract a new set of audience. Gradually, these avatars or we might say actor- avatars will secure a special place in everybody’s hearts. The near future might foster avatar stars and real life stars sharing the same space and garnering the same amount of love from the audience. Not only does this sound interesting but will also be an interesting world to watch.

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Companies focusing on attracting a large user base will have to stress on enabling the users to take through their virtual identities in the metaverse, without keeping a track of the point of entrance or any platform. People expect their digital identities to be promptly accessible in the diverse spectrum of everybody’s lives. A digital identity that will have limited access on a desktop will only be relevant to people while they use the computer. To make it simple, the metaverse will have to exist consistently as our lives in the universe.

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(The Author, Prashant Sharma, is co-founder of Plutoverse)

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