SCAPE TV CEO Yadhu Krishnan shares his views on growth of consumer electronics devices

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How are you able to build your brand in the retail market in such a short duration? Can we get a gist of your journey with Scape till now?

 We started our journey with Scape in 2020, precisely during the peak of the pandemic. We started in Kerala with a single distributor and instead of online which was easier we chose a retail market start. We just gave time and effort to our ideations and the results are with us. I could say we deliberately chose those circumstances because we knew if we can sail through it, we would be able to emerge as a stronger brand with a strong ground presence and brand recall.

Currently, we are present in 10 states with a very well-connected and supported dealer-distributor-service network

What kind of barriers have gone through while making a Made in India television?

 We believe that we Indians have more potential than any other International Brand and this wave has already come to Indian consumers. Also while thinking about target audiences we think the people are specifically looking for made-in-India products nowadays. Given a choice between Indian products and a Non- Indian brand consumers will go for an Indian brand provided they are convinced about the quality and service support. As a new brand, I would agree that creating a brand recall for a start-up is going to be difficult but if we can provide the after sales support with a best-in-the-class product/service customers are going to remember you just like a major brand even without a huge marketing spend.

What is your roadmap with the Made in India television market?

We do have plans and ideas on different segments and ranges to proceed and soon we’ll work on it but we are not going to expand to all states in a short period. We are currently in 10 states and we would be focusing in the next few months on making a very strong offline presence and building a dealer-service network in these states rather than going live in Pan India,

At the same time, we want our smart TV to reach pan India, so the online presence is going to be crucial too.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

We adhere to the highest quality standards just like any major brand and we select our vendors after multiple processes of quality testing of the components. The fault ratio is less than 2% currently which is a very good number considering the industry standard and we thrive to keep the fault ratio as minimal as possible.

Most of our Smart TVs carry a comprehensive warranty of up to 3 years. Thanks to the high-quality components

In an extremely competitive market like India which is already dominated by several small and big players, how has Scape TV positioned itself?

I agree that India is an extremely competitive market and it is currently dominated by a few major brands but if you look at the past, we can see a trend that major players can be replaced given how well we place the new product in the market. From the kind of response we are getting from the market, we can assure you that Scape TV is going to be in the top five choices of consumers by 2024.

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Which are the segments you are targeting and whom do you consider your potential buyers?

We are already in the Smart Tv segment and we will be soon launching Premium Speaker and Home Appliances as well. We are concentrating on the customers who look for value for money products but premium in terms of quality and aesthetics.

What are the trends that you foresee will drive the consumer electronics market in the coming years?

Artificial Intelligence is going to play a major role in Consumer Electronics in the coming years. There are wonderful stand-alone innovations in the field of Artificial intelligence which we have not yet incorporated into consumer electronics at an affordable price. If manufacturers of consumer electronics can do that it is going to be a game-changer for sure!

How does Scape TV compete with its rivals?

It might look like the same thing every brand says if I say it is in terms of quality and the after-sales service because every brand claims so. We would say our customer satisfaction is the main reason for our success. We are delivering and working on a solution that the consumers are looking for. We made sure to go to any possible extreme to make the customer happy with the product and after-sale service.

What is your vision for the next few years to be a go-to brand for millennials?

As I mentioned earlier, the proper use of AI can be the deal-breaker for millennials in Consumer Segment, as a young company, this is one of the advantages we have which is we can adapt to new changes very easily as we have structured the organization in such a way from the beginning, In the coming years we will be introducing more and more consumer products with the latest technology which will make Scape a go-to brand for not just the millennials but for everyone.

What are the opportunities you see in the Indian Retail market regarding Scape TV?

We do have a very huge opportunity in the Indian Retail Market. While exploring more retail stores in the market, we can easily observe that Indian consumers still believe that first, they will check the quality of a product with different aspects and then they will purchase that product for their family. We provide that level of independence to our consumers so that they can prepare their minds to purchase our television. The consumer segment especially the Smart TV segment grows exponentially year after year and even having a mere 5% in the coming year would make a huge difference for the brand. The Non-Smart Tv segment is slowly going away and that, in turn, is going to be a huge boost for the Smart Tv segment ultimately.

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