Henry Cavill’s Superman Return Was Opposed by Warner Bros., Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Reveals

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Some gossip for the DC fans! Turns out Warner Bros. did not want to have Henry Cavill back as Superman in the post credit scene of Black Adam. The revelation is made by Black Adam, as in Dwayne Johnson himself. Celebrating Black Adam reaching the top position in the Apple TV US Chart, Johnson shared a video on his official social media handles. In the video, the new DC film hero started by praising Cavill and his post credit appearance before revealing some behind the scenes scenarios about how the production house wasn’t keen on getting him back.

Johnson said, “At the end of the day, the studio was not bringing Henry Cavill back — inexplicably and inexcusably.” He also revealed that it wasn’t something that they could agree with since the idea of having him back was on the discussion table for years. Stressing the fact that there was no way Cavill was not going to be there, he added, “This has been years in the making regarding bringing Henry Cavill back and years of strategic conversations, and we were not going to take no for an answer.”

Before that Johnson did not shy away from showering praises on Cavil by calling him the “greatest.” He also said that the DC comic universe circles back to Cavill and Superman and there was no way of not having him in the film. Johnson added, “There was no way, there’s no viable, logical way that you can attempt to build out the DC Universe without the most powerful force and the greatest superhero of all time sitting on the sidelines. It’s impossible to do.”

Dwayne Johnson shared the thank you video celebrating Black Adam trending at 1 on Apple TV on his official Twitter handle @TheRock and tweeted, “Sayin’ thank ya so much from my ol’ pick up truck for all the amazing #BlackAdam support and reactions. #1 movie on iTunes We’ll remain in theaters as well throughout the holidays. Also wanted to give ya some #Superman info. Happy.”

Henry Cavill’s Superman Return

While many Twitter users expressed their surprise at the revelation, it wasn’t completely unheard of news for the rest. There was a media report some time ago that speculated that Johnson has been working on getting Cavill back as Superman for almost four years during the pre-production phase. DC Films president Walter Hamada, however, was the person not keen on the idea and always wanted to stay away from Zack Snyder’s foundation and that segment’s continuity.

The story of Cavill’s inclusion in Black Adam never stops being interesting. Reportedly, the refusal to have Cavill back didn’t convince Johnson against the idea and he met Warner Bros. Pictures heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy personally.

In the meantime, as per a report, Cavill has confirmed the news of him being back to the red-caped superhero role. The same report also claims Warner Bros. is also seriously considering a Man of Steel sequel in the coming days. Charles Roven of The Dark Knight fame is reportedly turning producer for the same while the makers are searching for a suitable script.

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