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Do you own a Pixel 7 Pro? What are your thoughts on its features? Would you recommend it to others?

In Brief

Google has an excellent 2022 with many of its devices getting good reviews from the general public as well as critical tech experts. Whether it is smartphones or laptops or smartwatches, each one has its own story to tell and a good one at that given the reviews they’ve received.

Users have always been demanding when it comes to features and are extremely particular about how each one should be. In other words, they expect nothing less than perfection from tech giants like Google, Apple, Samsung, and their ilk.

A good smartphone has many features to boast of and when it is manufactured by Google, the expectations are an all-time high, especially from regular users of Google devices and gadgets and it becomes extremely disappointing when the features don’t match up to those expectations.

There was a camera test conducted on Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones recently via the company’s rigorous and adept DXOMARK Camera test suite so that the image’s performance could be measured, along with its videos, zoom quality, from the perspective of an end-user.

The results have been highlighted by taking expert opinion into consideration where they’ve tested its features and come to a conclusion on how the handset fares in the numerous tests that it went through.

The following pros and cons are what experts have noticed in the Pixel 7 Pro smartphones and it will help users to decide whether they should go for it or not.


  • It comes with good skin tones that is perfect even in challenging conditions
  • It also has accurate exposure along with a wide dynamic range in both videos and images
  • It has a quite fast and accurate autofocus in both video and image, which is generally wide depth of field in outdoor conditions
  • It comes with a good contrast most of the times, which includes in backlit portrait scenes
  • The details are quite accurate, especially in bright light
  • It comes with effective stabilization in both static and walking scenes
  • It has good details at all zoom ranges, from ultra-wide to long range tele


  • It has shadow noise in high-contrast scenes and low light, both in image and video
  • There are highlight clipping in indoor conditions
  • Color casts in indoor video footage

All in all, the DXOMARK Camera score is 147, which means Google Pixel 7 Pro is very high in terms of ranking, while the last Google device to get this score was Pixel 2 in 2017, and Pixel 7 Pro has achieved good and consistent results in all test categories.

It did receive a little less in the video and image section, but is quite comparable with the best models in terms of being a total package as the tests claim, in no uncertain terms, that Pixel 7 Pro is still the best option for users even in videos and image performance.

It comes with a 4K resolution at 30 frames per second while the HDR10+ option stands disabled. The device takes perfect images for a variety of skin tones in different weather condition and takes care of realistic rendering.

Low light score is also included in the Camera test protocol where it determines Pixel 7 Pro’s capability in taking pictures in different light condition, and while the image quality isn’t perfect, it is still much better than Pixel 6 Pro as Photo, Zoom, and Video have considerably improved.

Pixel 7 Pro is good even when it comes to close-up pictures for which the credit goes to the automatic switch to its ultra-wide camera. The test protocol concludes that its performance is lower than that of iPhone 14 Pro as the latter has a detailed and excellent rate.

However, 7 Pro does offer interesting contrast in portrait shots and offers a perfectly dynamic range in all condition. It is takes good landscape shots, bird’s eye view shots, and many others while the indoor lighting is also good in showcasing dark and fair skin tones.


All in all, Google Pixel 7 Pro has passed the camera test protocol with excellent scores as 147 is one of the highest that any device can get and it isn’t easy to get such a high score when the tests are conducted by DXOMARK Camera test suite. Therefore, it is well worth your time and money.

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