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Are you fond of playing games? What are your views on Google Stadia? What are the worthy alternatives that can be availed in place of Stadia? Find out.

In Brief

Google has a wonderful 2022 as of now with the launch of many devices that have received positive response from all sundry. Apart from smartphones and laptops, it seems Google has decided to establish dominance in the gaming field as well by announcing a new cloud gaming service.

Google Stadia is a mobile game device that is all set to close down in January 2023, which has proven to be sad news for Stadia fans despite Google being known for halting promising products in the past.

Google Stadia fans are quite passionate about their games, which is why this news has hit them very hard and many of them have expressed their disappointment on many social media platforms.

The disappointment becomes more pronounced as the stadia services were doing a fine job with regards to their games right from providing greater clarity, quick response, low latency gaming performance, etc. to name a few.

Google Stadia stood apart from other cloud streaming services in this regard as many of its counterparts could offer only a few of the aforementioned services while some couldn’t even provide that.

As of now, Google Stadia is on ventilator and will soon meet its demise, which is why it is necessary to come out with worthy alternatives that can match it in many ways, if not all, so we are going to look at some of them.

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List of Games

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming– We’ll start with the one whose name everyone is familiar with as Xbox Cloud Gaming, a Microsoft by-product, is an excellent alternative you can find for Google Stadia, which is a much better option instead of purchasing a gaming PC or console. If you’re looking for games of topnotch quality, you’ll find a huge library of goodies in Xbox where you just need to subscribe to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, among others. You can avail it on macOS, Chrome OS, Windows PC, Shield TV, etc.
Pros Cons
Excellent library of popular games Latency and resolution are second to Stadia
Connect accounts from other gaming stores
Compatible with multiple devices
Can play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad
  • PlayStation (PS) Now– This is another one that immediately comes to mind when you talk about Google Stadia alternatives. A big reason is that PlayStation Now is India’s answer to Google India, and why not? You can avail a library of PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5 games from any location. As Sony has merged PS Now with PlayStation Plus, you need to get a PS Plus membership to avail the cloud gaming service in many countries like US, Canada, France, New Zealand, Belgium, Germany, among others
Pros Cons
Play popular PS games Only available on Windows PCs
Internet speed requirement is low
Get PS Plus benefits
  • Steam Link– Now this is a utility meant for game casting while Google Stadia is a cloud gaming service that requires a powerful desktop PC with strong GPU and CPU performance with a fast wired connection for Ethernet and low latency gaming. Steam Link can optimize games for different sizes and depends on the hardware of your machine that is available on SteamOS, Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, among others
  • Shadow– It has excellent prowess in cloud computing, which makes Shadow a worthy alternative to Google Stadia as it has massive setup of cloud gaming for installing your games of choice because it has been optimized for video games, low latency performance, gamepad support, among others and is available on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.
Pros Cons
Cloud computer where you can install games Quite expensive
Optimized for gaming
Offers powerful hardware
  • Nvidia GeForce Now– This is also one of the best alternatives for Google Stadia because, similar to Stadia, you can play your favourite games from any device in particular be it PC, Android smartphone, Android TV, macOS, among others even though many people view it low in quality and latency when compared to Stadia but all said and done, you just need to connect your Epic Games and Steam account, aside from games from various other studios to gain access to games on Nvidia GeForce Now
Pros Cons
Excellent library of popular games Latency and resolution are second to Stadia
Connect accounts from other gaming stores
Compatible with multiple devices
Can play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad
  • Amazon Luna– If you’re fond of Ubisoft games, Amazon Luna is the platform to look for. In fact, many Stadia users played their favourite games here before its arrival on Google Platform but now that Stadia’s days are numbered, Amazon Luna might, once again, become the new hub for game lovers as its services are affordable
Pros Cons
Pretty affordable Mainstream games are missing
Ubisoft’s library is available
Hosts many gaming genres

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