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There are many such devices that take the fancy of its aficionados in a big way but the problem is that there are so many out there that it becomes difficult to pick the best. For one thing, there are billions of users across the globe that have their own favourite brands.

Then there are innumerable devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops and others but audio devices always get neglected in such discussions and therefore merit a writing of their own.

We all love listen to music not to mention our favourite singers that sing songs that become immortal in their melodious voice. Earphones provide a soothing effect on our ears when we listen to beautiful songs through them.

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Today, we are going to talk about the latest earbuds that Fire Boltt has released called ANC 901, which are better known as FirePods, a line of wireless earphones, which is incidentally the company’s first foray into the audio market.

Fire Pods Rhythm ANC 901


Fire Boltt Rhythm ANC 901 is kept in a rectangular black box labelled Fire Boltt along with the name of the device, ANC 901, in the front where the image is displayed while at the bottom it is written ‘Fire Boltt Rhythm ANC 901’.

The box is extremely light to hold which upon opening features the small charger in which the earbuds are kept while the adjacent square opening has the charger and the extra earbuds at the bottom.

The earbuds are extremely soft and delicate to hold that can be easily placed into both ears. It truly gives out a pleasant feeling to hear the soothing voice without any jarred sound effects.

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It has a glossy pebble finish and matte rubber oil finish on the buds that gives them a classy and elegant look. These buds are perfect for use every day when you can listen to your favourite songs while at work, which prove to be a great stress buster.

For those that have to stay in office and work overtime, these earbuds are their best friends as they can listen to music for the entire duration of 9 to 10 hours they’re within the confines of their office desk.

The earbuds have a playtime of over 50 hours that also feature a Full Touch UI with great volume control while having up to 13mm speaker drivers and Supersync technology that are good for perfect pairing and connect instantly without issue.

With three hours of playtime to spare, the rhythm earbuds charge in 10 minutes while Polaris and Atlas brand of earbuds charge in 20 minutes for an extra hour but the one common link between all three earbuds is that USB Type-C charging ports.

Then we have the Boltt Play App that you can connect your audio device with and earn some great rewards while you can hear your favourite genre of music on platforms like Spotify and Jio Savnn aside from binge watching your favourite shows and serials on Zee5.


Features & Specifications of Fire Boltt Rhythm ANC 901

Apart from the typical pebble design of ANC, ANC 901 with a digital LED battery indicator and glossy finish on the case and earbuds as mentioned above but the below mentioned points are definitely worth a read.

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  • 10mm full range heavy bass driver
  • ANC with 23db depth, forward feed transparency mode, low latency of 60ms game mode
  • 7 Hrs (ANC on/ transparency) & 8 hrs (ANC off/BT/Game mode) per charge play-back time @ 100% volume
  • 8 Hrs (ANC on/ transparency) & 9 hrs (ANC off/BT mode) per charge play-back time @ 80% volume
  • Total 50 Hrs playback time with charging case
  • 10 mins charge = 3hrs earbud playback powered by fire charge technology
  • 650mAhcharging case with 300 hrs standby time
  • Powered by Fire-Boltt reference sound – crisp, clear, loud & heavy bass.
  • Supersync technology for fast pairing & instant connection
  • Full touch UI including volume control

All three earbuds viz. Polaris, Atlas, and Rhythm are available at the price of Rs.1999, Rs.2399 and Rs.3499, respectively on Flipkart and other e-commerce websites. With 50 hours of playback time sans interruption, you get low power endurance for unlimited music and long lasting calls.

Low Latency Gaming Mode

Gaming aficionados are in for a treat as they can showcase their skills and enliven the no-lag gaming on Fire Boltt Rhythm ANC 901 courtesy of Latency 50ms Game Mode made even easier through Full touch experience that allows you to manage music.

You can also use the voice assistance facility by summoning your favourite voice assistants and play the game with increasing vim and vigour.

Another interesting feature is that these earbuds are labelled IPX6 Water Resistant so you can walk out wearing it in the heavy rain for hours of listening pleasure with the gentle pitter patter that gives you a frothy feeling with the smell of rain soil glistening your nostrils.

ANC 901 earbuds are a big reason why Fire Boltt is number one in its game where it receives numerous offers from eager music lovers that want to try these earbuds out for themselves.

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