Elon Musk’s Delay in Paying Salary for November Sparks Outrage

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There have been many elaborate changes that Elon Musk has brought on Twitter ever since taking over the platform on October 28, 2022, which means that he has done a lot in the past month.

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  • Elon Musk has delayed paying November’s salary to his laid off employees, which didn’t bode well with them
  • The payday is 28th of every month but it seems that no laid off employee has been paid until now
  • Some of the European Twitter staff, like Ireland and Netherlands, have been paid on time but not those from UK and Germany.

Elon Musk’s Dilly Dallying on Payday Sparks Employee Ire

From the day Elon Musk took over as the owner of Twitter, he swore to bring in reforming changes so as to instill some sanity in the company, which can be seen in the past month itself as he has laid off thousands of Twitter employees all over the world.

It appears that the Tesla CEO wants to start out with an iron fist from day one itself as his no-nonsense attitude baffled many people, as employees started getting laid off for non-performance or insubordination, while the remaining ones were warned to work harder with ‘high intensity’ or risk similar consequences.

Now things to be getting out of hand as employees are having a tough time and are showing no effort to hide their anger and disappointment. To add insult to injury, some European employees have not even received their salary for November 2022.

Many UK employees received an email on November 25 informing them that they’re due on November 28, which was sent to all employees of the EMEA region, while everyone also receives monthly pay slips, but it appears that Twitter staff from UK and Germany weren’t paid on the 28th.

Delay in paying salary

Twitter immediately sent an email to all its current and former employees that the payments had been made to their Twitter bank accounts, while the non-payment of wages was speculated due to the a delay in interbank settlement, for which there is an ongoing investigation that the employees will be informed of soon.

Many Twitter employees have voiced their displeasure over the wages issue, while some have shared their bank account screenshots as proof as they’re now facing overdraft issues.

There were also many ongoing discussions in Slack groups between the current and former employees where it was suggested that more than 80% of staff had not been paid by around 1pm UK time.

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Given the backlash from former employees, it is hoped that the matter will be sorted out soon and everyone who hasn’t been paid will be paid because Elon Musk seems to have trying times ahead the way he is going.

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