Elon Musk Plans to Make Tesla Substitute for Android and iPhone

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Elon Musk becoming the owner of Twitter is one that will dwarf every other thing that has happened this year, where he has brought in different changes since taking over the platform in October 2022 and now he has hinted to create a Tesla smartphone to rival Google and Apple smartphones.

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  • Elon Musk has teasingly hinted at a potential Tesla smartphone model that he has in mind that will prove to be an alternative for Google and Apple handsets
  • He replied to a user query on Twitter where he was asked to create a new smartphone in the likely circumstance of Twitter app getting removed from App and Play stores
  • It seems Musk wants to take no chances and might well go ahead with his suggestion

Brief Summary

Elon Musk has become a popular name since the past few weeks where possibly every human being on the planet has heard the name at least a dozen times as of late, whereas earlier he was known more by reputation for being a billionaire entrepreneur.

In 2021, Musk had proposed to purchase Twitter Inc. for a jaw-dropping $44 billion and the deal had been set but the problem was that Musk backed out at the last minute, leaving Twitter to take the matter to court, where both parties battled it out for a whole year.

The Tesla CEO was anointed the Twitter CEO on October 28, 2022, and soon brought in major changes in the company in just a span of one month, from firing incompetent employees to proposing to increase character limits.

But now it seems he plans to bring a new Tesla smartphone as well, acting out on a suggestion by Liz Wheeler, an American political commentator, who tweeted that Musk should create his own smartphone in the likelihood of Google and Apple booting Twitter from their app stores.


She said further that if Musk goes ahead with her suggestion, half the people would ditch iPhone and Android, which she deemed ‘snooping’ and ‘biased’, to go for the Tesla smartphone.

Musk took the gauntlet and responded that while he hopes that things don’t come to that, he promised to make an alternative smartphone, if he’s left with no choice, which will be his very first venture in the smartphone market.

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Although Apple & Google have shown no signs or hints of banning Twitter from their app stores, Musk may want to reassure users’ skepticism by stating that if push comes to shove, he will definitely create an alternative smartphone model to rival iPhone and Android.

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