Call of Duty Offer Labelled Inadequate by PlayStation CEO

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Microsoft has placed a huge offer to PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan where it has requested him to keep their venture, Call of Duty, on the platform that has been unceremoniously rejected by Ryan, who has deemed it as ‘inadequate on so many levels’ and he has joined hands with Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, both of whom are considered the biggest gaming executives on the planet, to help him out.

Spencer has made it clear that it is going to keep the shooter for ‘several more years’ although Ryan too has claimed that the deal is only for three years. Xbox Game Pass will have a new member in Call of Duty whilst simultaneously being launched on PS4 and PS5 big time which will give their owners a reason to celebrate.

The beta phase begins on September 18, 2022, which is a few days prior to Xbox and PC players getting access to the game although Ryan has called out the proposal as adequate as he feels that Xbox has failed to take an account of their gamers.

Spencer has yet to specify when Call of Duty will be added to Game Pass but whenever it happens, players can avail some bonuses like gaining early access to the game along with excellent perks that it might provide.

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