Asus recalls 10,000 Z690 Hero motherboards because of a backward capacitor

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The memory capacitor in one batch of the Asus ROG Maximums Z690 Hero was fitted incorrectly, notwithstanding the low likelihood of a human mistake. Before December 2021, did you purchase an Asus flagship motherboard for your 12th generation Intel processor? The ROG Maximus Z690 Hero is likely to spark a fire in your house, therefore it’s better to check and get it replaced if it is. When a knowledgeable YouTuber discovered in January that one of the capacitors on the $600 board had been fitted incorrectly by Asus, the firm pledged to collaborate with regulatory bodies on a replacement program. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Asus are now formally announcing this recall, seven months after it was first requested.

In accordance with the CPSC

Around 10,000 motherboards with serial numbers starting with MA, MB, or MC were included in the recall. If you still have one of these motherboards, you can locate the serial number on the package or on a sticker next to the ATX 24-pin power socket. Although Asus’ recall website doesn’t appear to be available yet, you can verify your serial number here. It appears that you will need to contact customer support in the interim. There have been 10 complaints of melted motherboards, but no injuries, according to the CPSC. It is unclear if any additional property was harmed. For boards purchased after January 2022, the issue has presumably been resolved because, as of right now, the board is unquestionably still for sale.

Recalls of desktop PC parts aren’t very frequent, but they’re becoming more frequent as savvy YouTubers start looking into why their parts failed. The H1 Mini-ITX case from NZXT was forced to be recalled due to fire risks thanks in large part to Gamers Nexus, who also brought attention to Gigabyte’s “exploding” power supply.

The US government agency advised users to cease using the recalled motherboard right away and visit the ASUS website for instructions on how to send it back for a free replacement item, including shipping. In a separate update, ASUS disclosed that the ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard has been the subject of recent incident reports. According to the business, “In our ongoing study, we have uncovered a potential reversed memory capacitor issue in the manufacturing process from one of the production lines that may produce debug error code 53, no post, or motherboard component damage.”

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