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The age old saying of health is wealth is taken very seriously by the millennial generation given the great lengths they go to keep in good shape. Mental health is just as important because it plays a significant role in your physical well-being.

A smartwatch has become a must for every individual especially for those grappling with health issues. Apple is launching the new Series 8 smartwatch through which you can detect your body temperature easily, which is good news in current times when the entire world is battling Covid-19.

Earlier you could only check the heart rate, oxygen level, workout regime, etc. but this new feature will allow you to monitor viral fever because no one knows how and where you might contact the deadly corona virus.

The temperature sensor is going to be a gamechanger in many ways that might make the thermometer obsolete in the coming years. Rumors about this new feature in Series 8 had been doing the rounds since April although there was no definite confirmation from anywhere.

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However, Bloomberg gave an official confirmation over the matter through Mark Gurman, who also added that it will not detect the exact temperature but notify the user if and when it increases in the body.

Official Report

Mark Gurman is a renowned analyst working at Bloomberg who has been in the industry for a long time so his words definitely carry weight. He mentioned about this new feature back in June of last year that will come out as per the company’s lineup of 2022.

Although he backtracked about it in January 2022 by giving a statement that the new feature is still a few years away, he reverted back to the original statement by claiming that the temperature sensor will indeed be launched in 2022 provided it passed the official testing guidelines in Apple.

There are also rumors floating about the official design of Series 8 where it is being speculated that the smartwatch will have a flat-edge design similar to iPhone 12 and 13 although the current models have a curved edge with a squared dial.

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The makers have high hopes that it will pass all the internal tests with flying colours following which they will be able to launch it on the scheduled date, which will be a welcome oasis to health savvy individuals that constantly fret over the matter.

Smart Choice

While everyone is waiting with bated breath for the official Launch of Apple Watch Series 8 model, Gurman has added that the body temperature feature will also be present in the Apple Watch meant for athletes, which has been dubbed as the ‘rugged model’.

This will be launched simultaneously with Series 8 where we may witness some interesting features aside from the aforementioned one to look forward to.

Apple Watch Series
Apple Watch Series

While one model is for common folks while the other is solely for sports athletes, the only common feature in both is that they will have the sensor to detect a rise in body temperature along with several other health-tracking features that the users can avail.

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