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You always pre-decide on what you want to buy when you go out shopping. But when it comes to electronic gadgets and devices, there are so many choices that one has to wrack their brains as to which one to choose especially when manufactured by Apple.

An Apple Smartwatch is a must on every fitness enthusiasts’ shopping list as it helps them keep a track on their every movement along with the relevant functions of some of their body parts like monitoring their steps, workout sessions, heartrate, sleep quality, along with a few others.

Unfortunately, an Apple smartwatch does not come up in discussions regarding electronic devices as often as smartphone, laptop and tablet so it can be called underrated in a way but that doesn’t diminish its importance in any way, shape or form.

It could be that an apple watch is relatively newer in design when compared to its aforementioned counterparts as it was launched only in 2015 but since then, they have become as common and as useful as any of the above.

Apple watch

Apple Watch questions

Here are a list of questions that you need to consider before buying an Apple watch because they are important for many reasons that we’ll discuss about and they’ll help you to be clear in your mind.

  • Will you be using the watch?

    We’ll start with the obvious because there is a reason why the apple watch is underrated as mentioned above as many people are unsure whether they’ll be using it or not especially those that are not into fitness. So you need to ask yourself whether you need because they cost real dough and it’s a waste of money if you buy one and let it gather dust in a corner of the room. But if you’re into listening to music or reading messages then you can very well consider buying one as it will be very useful.

  • Will it be useful?

    Fitness enthusiasts always use some kind of technology while in the gym or working out at some so another question that you need to mull over is whether this apple watch will improve the quality of your workouts. An apple watch is highly efficient and useful during exercise because it has new features that will come in handy later on

  • Can you afford it?

    An important question that might very well have been at number one because talking of buying a smartwatch is one thing but you need to reconsider it if you have budget constraints because even a basic Apple watch costs around Rs.15,763 while some are even above Rs.55,000 so only go for it if you can afford it otherwise you can even settle for a basic model

  • Do you have an iPhone to pair with your watch?

    It is useless to buy an Apple watch if you don’t have an Apple iPhone as only with that can you ever connect with it to set up your watch. However once it is done, you can use it without the use of an iPhone like listening to music, podcasts, checking time, although it will be at the cost of your battery life so keep these points in mind before purchasing it

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