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We all have become, kind of, dependent on electronic gadgets in this day and age so much so that it is virtually impossible to exist without it. What is so special about them that we simply cannot do without? Was human life non-existent when these devices themselves were?

It goes without saying that each gadget has its own importance in our lives and it becomes important to take care of it just like they take care of us, be it smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, audio devices, along with so many others.

When it comes to gadgets, we always prefer the ones from the best brands that have a name, stature, and reputation, all of which that they have to live up to from time to time. The tech giants in question are Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, among many others.

While all brands have their own significance, Apple is arguably always the first one that comes to mind when it comes to excellent devices with the latest addition being the Apple Watch with all its excellent features and specifications that have become quite popular as well.

Like other devices, Apple Watch too has certain features that not many people are aware of like the low power mode in watchOS 9, which helps you to save enough power that your smartwatch needs in order to save your battery life for a larger period.

Low power mode


For turning on the low power mode, you need to touch and hold the bottom of the watch screen and wait a little for Control Center to pop up, and then you swipe upwards to tap the battery percentage button where you turn on the low power mode.

It can also be done via ‘Settings’ where you first open up the app, scroll down, and tap ‘Battery’ following which you turn on the low power mode where you will find the information screen appear before you.

Once you scroll down to the bottom, you can tap ‘Turn On’ or ‘Turn On For’ where if you choose the latter, you can choose Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Once in Low Power Mode, you will find a yellow circle icon that appears on top of the screen.

However, Low power mode can affect certain features like making calls, late update on complications, Siri takes a little longer to process requests, certain animations may not appear as smooth as usual.

If the battery of the Apple Watch is 10% or less, there is an alert on low power mode asks if you want to turn on the feature or not but the mode turns off automatically when the battery is up to 80%.

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