Aiwa unveils Magnifiq: Company’s new high-performance smart television range in India

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Aiwa is an iconic Japanese brand working to enhance the audio experience of users. Recently, the brand rolled out its range of luxury acoustics hi-fi speakers in India and it was a great success. Now, the audio brand has come up with a new product to add more colour and power to your home entertainment with the ‘Magnifiq’ smart TV range.

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Magnifiq is the most awaited range of TV series launched by the Japanese consumer electronics brand. The series offers a number of category-leading benefits like a Magnificent Vision, Magnificent Sound, and an overall Magnificent Experience. The aim is to strengthen its commitment and global vision of providing ‘More for Less’ to its consumers. It is also a step forward by the brand to give an exceptional quality product at a competitive price.

Aiwa unveils ‘Magnifiq’ smart TV range: Price in India

The series appeals to a discriminating customer base that seeks out new top-of-the-line products. Furthermore, it is powered by Android 11 & AI Core 4 Processor. Coming to the price of the series, the range starts from Rs 29,990 to Rs. 139,990 and includes the fully equipped 32″ series, 43″ (FHD & UHD), 50″ (4K UHD), 55″ (4K UHD), and 65″ (4K UHD).

Aiwa unveils ‘Magnifiq’ smart TV range: Specs and features

Coming to the specifications of this latest smart TV range, it comes in two variants: the 55” and 65” models. Both the models feature an enhanced audio system which is built at the root of their system to give users the best-in-class experience. Furthermore, the soundbar sports Aiwa’s Authentic Signature Sound technology to give users the most optimal audio preference. Overall, the Televisions Sound Output is among the highest for products in the same segment.

The high-performance Magnifiq line of high-end televisions runs Android 11 and has Google Assistant integrated into it. The user’s preferred content is constantly available and easily accessible on certified Android TVs.

Aiwa unveils 'Magnifiq' smart TV range: Specs and features

With the vertical array display, AI quad-core processor, 1.07 billion colours, and 350 nits* of brightness found in the Magnifiq series, Aiwa is setting a new benchmark for image quality. Aiwa’s Amphitheater View technology works in conjunction with the lifelike image quality to create a fantastic audio-visual experience.

Furthermore, Aiwa TVs also come with protective film with BLACK REFLECT technology. These are specifically designed to protect users from potentially harmful radiation. The anti-glare technology employed lessens screen reflections and lessens eye strain. The business’ MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) system also makes sure that visuals stay clear and sharp throughout fast-moving frames.

Speaking about the launch and the Magnifiq TV series, Kure Shouichi ci, Managing Director of AIWA Electronics International Co.Ltd. and Global Business Director of AIWA Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Japan), said, “We are excited about the establishment of Aiwa India, as our Regional Headquarter, via which hope to assure Aiwa’s permanency to the Indian consumers. At the launch of our world-class televisions, we are sure the consumer will feel confident to see Aiwa’s legacy of excellence over the past 70 years coupled with the latest and most powerful Android 11 technology”

Aiwa unveils 'Magnifiq' smart television range: Price in India

 Ajay Mehta, Managing Director, AIWA India, said, After we brought Aiwa’s range of luxury speakers to the Indian consumer, the Magnifiq series of TV’s, come with exceptional quality standards that Aiwa is known for over the past 70 years. Our TVs are best suited for consumers who research products pre-purchase in detail and will not compromise on quality, technology, and features at the best possible value.

“We are committed to making exceptional products and bringing them to the Indian consumers. We are also proud to have contributed to the Make in India initiative through this project. TVs are poised to be the biggest category by value for Aiwa India and will be followed by the launch of many other product categories. This is a tangible and a big step towards our goal of a US$ 1 Billion top line for India” he added.

For a more flawless and smooth experience, the company has also partnered with Dixon Technologies as its manufacturing partner. It also looks forward to contributing to the government’s Make In India initiative.

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