According to reports, a YouTube TV update will allow you to watch four channels at once.

HomeTech NewsAccording to reports, a YouTube TV update will allow you to watch four channels at once.

YouTube TV, Google’s answer to cable TV, is working on a new feature that will allow users to watch up to four live streams at the same time, according to Protocol. “Mosaic Mode” will be the name given to this mode.

This is according to a presentation given by Google to its smart TV hardware partners, which was not made public. During this presentation, Google also revealed upcoming improvements for YouTube Shorts when viewed on a large screen, as well as new features for YouTube Music.

The PlayStation Vue service, which Sony has since discontinued, used to include a feature similar to what is now known as Mosaic Mode. Given that Google prefers to keep its services consistent across different hardware, Protocol expects the feature to eventually appear on non-Android smart TVs from Samsung and LG.

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Despite the fact that the feature was announced in a presentation for Google TV and Android TV hardware manufacturers, Protocol notes that it will most likely be available on non-Android smart TVs in the future.

Other new features highlighted in the presentation include enhancements to YouTube Shorts, the company’s short-form video service similar to TikTok. These enhancements are intended to work better on larger screens.

According to the source, the user interface for YouTube Shorts on smart TVs may eventually do away with the scroll bar used to scroll through standard YouTube videos in favor of easy access to thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.

YouTube TV update

Although YouTube Shorts are currently available in the YouTube app on select smart TVs (such as LG’s), they play using YouTube’s standard interface, which is unsuitable for the short-form nature of the videos.

TikTok has had greater success in breaking into the market for smart TVs, which coincides with Google’s decision to build this function. TikTok is now available on a number of smart TV platforms, including those from Samsung, LG, Google, and Amazon.

Despite the fact that the app has traditionally been regarded as a mobile-only service. However, Protocol claims that Google has the advantage because YouTube is pre-installed on many TVs, but buyers must actively seek out TikTok’s apps. Google has this advantage, according to Protocol.

YouTube Music will also soon introduce a few new features designed specifically for smart TVs. One of these is the ability for users to search for and add playlists and albums to their libraries.

Google did not immediately respond to The Verge’s request for comment; however, Protocol claims that at least one of the new capabilities will be included in an update “in the coming months.”

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