7 Best Minecraft Tips and Tricks for Surviving in Its Dangerous World

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Minecraft is a multi-platform world-building adventure game, incredibly popular amongst gamers of different generations for many years now. The concept of a 3D lego-like virtual world that players can build themselves appears to be all fun with the virtual houses, farms and some pet animals. However, the game is complicated and often turns the virtual world hostile with constant creepers, zombies and mobs attacking the players.

Those who have ever played Minecraft would vouch for the fact that it is not a simple game and presents its share of complications at every stage. Surviving in the game is the challenge and sometimes it isn’t too bad to have some tips and tricks under your sleeves to perform better. So, without further ado, here are the 7 best tips and tricks for surviving in Minecraft’s dangerous world.

7 Best Minecraft Tips and Tricks for Surviving

Trick 1. Zoombies attack you in Minecraft as they break the door of your base. Although players often get creative to safeguard their base in such situations, we have an interesting trick for you. The best way to save yourself during a Zombie attack is to make sure you build your base door at least one block higher. This will help you in restricting the entry of Zombies into the base and you will be able to safeguard yourself.

Trick 2. Another clever way to make your base Zombie free is to get a cat as your pet. This will definitely be that additional layer of protection. Lastly, building the base in the Mushroom biome can also keep mobs at bay.

Trick 3. Collect the lava buckets since they are a perfect source of furnace fuel. It is also the key ingredient that is needed in building the rarest block, obsidian. Since there are many such uses for Lava, make sure you collect them you go mining underground because that’s where it is found. An important tip about that is, do not forget to carry empty buckets with you for collecting lava.

Best Minecraft Tips and Tricks

Trick 4. Don’t take the pumpkin head lightly. For those who don’t know, the pumpkin head is not just an ornament. It is basically your shield from Endermen. Yes, Endermen will not attack if there is a pumpkin head on you. This is because of the simple fact that by wearing a pumpkin head, you can avoid direct eye contact, which is what makes Endermen attack you in the first place.

Trick 5. While you go mining, a good practice is to make a snow golem and carry it with you. Using a lead the snow golem leaves a snow trail along its path which will help find the path back home when you return. Moreover, the snow golem will also help in keeping the mobs away by throwing snowballs.

Trick 6. Lastly, let’s share an awesome trick which can save you from a creeper’s damage. This can work even if you don’t have any armour or shield. Whenever you can sense that the creeper is about to blow up, simply place a block in front of it. It will almost always keep you unaffected. Placing a block also works with TNT and allows you to protect yourself.

Trick 7. Here’s the truth, water is essential for survival, reality or virtual doesn’t matter. So, creating an infinite water source could save you in many situations. An infinite water source is basically a one-block deep 2×2 square hole in the ground. You add water on the top left corner and allow the water to spill. Add some more water in the bottom right corner and you have an infinite water source.

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