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YouTube Premium is an exclusive YouTube service that offers access to some premium content on the platform. With YouTube Premium, users can have access to various multi-lingual content, some extra vibing music, and TV series that aren’t accessible to everyone out there. And since we all carry our small screens within our pockets every day, we can easily stay connected to all the amazing content that it has available.

Now, as we already mentioned that smartphones are the easiest way to stay connected to your content, Xiaomi has planned something great for you. Both the brands have confirmed a partnership worth mentioning! Here is what it has in store for you!

Xiaomi partners with YouTube

Xiaomi, the biggest tech powerhouse from China, has confirmed its partnership with YouTube officially via a Twitter post. The brand has announced some of its current and some upcoming devices enjoying free trials on YouTube Premium. Furthermore, the free trial period for Xiaomi device owners is of three months within which they can easily enjoy the best of the YouTube premium.

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based package from YouTube which offers access to music and video content in an ad-free environment. The bouquet also includes YouTube Music Premium, offering more than 80 million official songs in addition to live performances and remixes.

Eligible Xiaomi smartphones for the YouTube Premium

The eligible Xiaomi smartphones for the YouTube Premium offer include Xiaomi’s popular 11 series. It includes all the 11 series devices including the Xiaomi 11T Pro, Xiaomi 11T, Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE, Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 11 Pro, Redmi Note 11S, and Redmi Note 11.

 Users who are interested in any of the devices, or wanted to try YouTube premium for a long, can now avail this offer. All you have to do is to buy any of the mentioned devices and then open the YouTube app. There you can find all the instructions on how to avail YouTube Premium for free! Also, if this seems too technical or hard to follow, you can also visit the YouTube premium official site and check the instructions there as well.

Now, going for any paid subscription does sound like an unnecessary burden, but this is not the case here. It has many benefits for the users and that too at a very minimal cost. Check out what all you can access with the premium version and how much does it cost:

Benefits of having YouTube premium

Just like all the other streaming platforms, YouTube also has its paid subscription version, YouTube Premium. The premium version offers various benefits:

  • YouTube Premium guarantees uninterrupted, ad-free, and premium audio and video content on the go for users.
  • Its flexibility also allows for multi-tasking, as the content can continue playing in the background while the user is doing other tasks.
  • The Premium membership also allows users to download the videos for offline viewing and supports background and Picture-in-Picture playback.
  • YouTube Premium also includes a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

Coming to the pricing of this premium service, YouTube offers multiple cost plans to suit users’ needs and match their convenience. The basic subscription plan cost Rs 139 per month. However, this also comes in an auto-renewal plan. Those who opt for auto-renewal will have to pay Rs 129 per month.

Furthermore, YouTube also has a three-year and annual subscription plan as well. Users who opt for the 3-month subscription plan would have to pay Rs 399 and those going for the annual one, will have to pay Rs 1290.

YouTube also has customised plans for the students. Since they don’t have much money access, YouTube premium costs Rs 79, after they provide the relevant proof.

The YouTube Premium offer is however understood to apply only to new eligible Xiaomi devices and may not be applicable in some regions. Terms and conditions are also applicable.

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