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* WhatsApp has been working on the ability to edit messages. 
* This feature has now been confirmed by WhatsApp itself.
* WhatsApp beta users on Android and the web can try it out right now. 
* WhatsApp has confirmed that it will be adding a new Edit Message feature.
* The company has announced the arrival of this feature on Twitter.
* WhatsApp will likely release the new update for both Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp has been testing the ability to edit messages, and it has now confirmed that the feature will launch soon. This feature will essentially let users edit messages even after they’re sent in the chat.

WhatsApp beta users on Android and the web have been able to test the feature out, and now it will soon be available to all users.

WhatsApp is all set to release another big update to the app after rolling out the ability to lock some super personal chats on Android as well as iOS.

The platform has confirmed via its official Twitter handle that the new Edit Message feature will soon arrive for everyone. WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed the exact name of the feature, but it has posted a video that shows that users will soon be able to edit their messages.

WhatsApp Edit Message Feature

In addition to this, the official video doesn’t reveal how this edit message option will work, but WABetaInfo has given details on the same as the feature is available in the beta versions of the app. People will get only 15 minutes of time to edit any message and once the provided time limit expires, you will not be able to make any changes.

The feature is purely to save people from the embarrassment of accidentally sending a wrong message. There are times when some of your messages get auto-corrected because of your mobile keyboard, which changes the meaning of a message.

WhatsApp already gives you an option to delete a message, but then you have to type the message again. The new update will let you correct a message and save time. Here is everything you need to know about the latest WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp Edit message

WhatsApp Edit Message Feature

In a teaser video shared on Twitter, WhatsApp hints on what is most likely an editing feature. Here, users will be able to edit messages that might have some errors, or something they probably didn’t mean to send in the first place. WhatsApp also displays editing messages in different languages meaning this feature would support multiple languages on the app.

As for the feature launch, there’s no official word yet but since WhatsApp has teased about it and it’s available in beta, it should be rolled out to everyone soon.

How to Edit Message on WhatsApp: A Quick Guide

WhatsApp Edit Message Feature

According to the beta version of the app, once you send a message to anyone, WhatsApp will give you a 15-minute window undo or edit it. One will just be required to long-press a particular message that they want to edit.

After long-pressing a message, WhatsApp will display the “Edit Message” option and you can tap on it to change your text message. Once you do that, the app opens a new window to let you update the message.

When will Edit Message feature arrive on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Edit Message Feature

WhatsApp will soon release the new Edit Message feature on the platform. The company has just teased the arrival of this update and hasn’t revealed when it will be made available to everyone. The teaser says it will be available soon.

The feature is already available in the beta version of Android and iOS. Now that WhatsApp has teased the feature, we expect the company to release the edit button in the coming days or weeks. You can stay tuned to India Today Tech for all the latest updates.

Editing text is one feature that’s highly demanded by users on various social platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. On WhatsApp, users can delete messages but this is always notified to the recipient so it isn’t exactly an ideal feature. But with the ability to edit messages, users won’t have to go through the ordeal of deleting messages in the chat.

Faqs on WhatsApp Edit Message Feature

1) How to edit WhatsApp messages?

Ans) Since this feature is already in beta, we know how it will work once released. If you’re using WhatsApp beta on Android or the web you can follow these steps to test the feature.
* Open any chat on WhatsApp and send a message.
* Tap and hold the message, and select the ‘Edit’ option from the prompt.
* You can then edit the text and send it again in the chat.
* WhatsApp will let you edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them.
* During this time period, you can edit the same message as many times as you want.


Ans) WhatsApp users have long been waiting for the message editing feature and it seems that the wait is finally coming to an end. The popular messaging app has released a teaser video confirming that the feature will soon be available on a large scale. While beta testers have been enjoying the editing feature for some time now, the stable version of the app is yet to have it.

WhatsApp message editing will launch soon

It’s been a few years since users have been asking for this feature. And it’s surprising that it has taken so long for WhatsApp to finally launch it. The editing feature was only recently available in the beta version of the app. And only a handful of testers have had the pleasure of experiencing it. However, the good news is that the editing feature will soon be available for all users.

Although the teaser video released by WhatsApp doesn’t provide much information regarding the exact launch date, it confirms that the editing feature will be added to the stable version of the app very soon. The editing process will be simple and straightforward. All you need to do is hold your finger on the message and select the “edit” option from the drop-down menu.

Beta testers have reported that they can edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending. This gives users enough time to correct typos or rephrase unclear messages. Once a message has been edited, it will be marked as “modified”. So that all participants are aware that it has got a modification.

While we wait for the editing feature to be official, WhatsApp is also working on another feature that will add an extra layer of security to the app. This feature will allow users to protect their secret conversations on WhatsApp with their fingerprints.
The editing feature is a long-awaited addition to WhatsApp’s features and is sure to be a hit among its users. Many users have been frustrated by typos or unclear messages. And have been waiting for the ability to edit their messages. With the editing feature, WhatsApp is sure to become an even more popular messaging app.

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