WhatsApp Channels to get these 12 new features including verification, follower count, mute button & Broadcast Channel Conversation :Check Details

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* WhatsApp Channels is a new feature for bigger public broadcasting on the app.
* This feature will work like Instagram and Telegram Channels.
* A new update now gives us a better idea on what we can expect from WhatsApp Channels.

WhatsApp has been working on a new feature called ‘Channels’ for broader communication with more people, which is going to come with 12 new, elaborate features. WhatsApp Channels, similar to Instagram Channels and Telegram Channels, are essentially broadcasting tools for different topics that you can subscribe to and get the latest updates. In our previous report we talked about what channels are, and now we have a better idea on how exactly it will work and the different features that will come with it.

WhatsApp, the popular chat app, is reportedly working on 12 new features to improve the overall user experience. According to WaBetaInfo report, the Meta company is working on a new Updates tab along with multiple other features that will together give a significant makeover to the chat app and its interface.
Please note that these features are currently in development which means even the beta testers haven’t received it yet. However, they are expected to be released in the future update of the app soon.

As reported earlier, WhatsApp is said to be working on a new feature called Channels. The feature will allow users to broadcast messages to multiple people simultaneously. The channels feature will come with a variety of tools to enhance user experience, including a full-width messaging interface for conversations, a verification process with a green checkmark icon, and an indication of the number of followers. Take a look at these upcoming features:

Interface: Channel will have a full-width messaging interface.

Verification Status: WhatsApp will allot a green verification check mark to channels to indicate they are verified. It is unclear how this vetting will be done.

Mute notification button: WhatsApp aims to give users control over notifications received from Channels, and to this end, it has introduced a mute notifications button within the channel header. Separately there could also be a toggle button to conveniently mute the channel.

Handles: Just like in Instagram, Handles will also be supported in channels and will be displayed in the channel info for easy reference.

Ability to view followers count: Another significant updates to the channels feature will be the ability to view the real number of followers a channel has. This will be an estimated count and may not be precise, especially for channels with a large following.

Real followers count: To offer the actual count of a channel’s followers, there will be a channel info screen that will display the accurate number of people following the channel, providing a true representation of its followers.

Shortcuts: To make exploring the channel info screen more user-friendly, WhatsApp may introduce three new shortcuts. These shortcuts will enable users to easily unfollow, forward, and share channels with others.

Channel description: A Channel’s description will be available in the channel info screen to provide additional details and context to followers, such as the purpose of the channel.

Visibility Status: Channels can be set to public, making them discoverable and viewable to anyone.

Privacy: Channels provide a secure and private space where user information is kept confidential and safeguarded.

Reporting: Users will be able to report any issues encountered with channels they follow, and the moderation team will take necessary actions. Channels that violate the Terms of Service will be suspended, and previous messages sent to the channel will be removed as part of the enforcement measures.

WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp Channels are not to be confused with Communities which lets you make a bigger group for sub-groups, but it’s instead more of a public broadcasting tool. Here, you can subscribe to a channel that interests you and get updates on it.

The difference is that only admins can send messages in the group but users can react and vote in polls.

According to a new report by WABetaInfo, there’s a new update that has 12 new features for WhatsApp Channels. Let’s take a look at each of them:

* WhatsApp Channels will have a full-width messaging interface on the app. There’s no corresponding image for the same but we should start seeing it soon. 

* WhatsApp Channels can be verified with the green tick that will appear next to its name. This will help users understand which channels are authentic. The verification process hasn’t been revealed yet though.

* WhatsApp will also display the number of followers under the channel name. This will however be an approximation for channels with large followings. For a more specific count, you can go to the channel info screen and find it there.

* The channel info screen will also display the description so you have an idea on what’s it all about.

* Just like you can mute chats and groups, you will also be able to mute WhatsApp Channels. The mute notification button will be available along with the channel name. For easier access, WhatsApp will also add a mute toggle button as well. 

* WhatsApp Channels will also come with support for handles. So, instead of your name or phone number, your handle (username) will be displayed in the channel.

*  WhatsApp Channels will also come with shortcuts that will let you unfollow, forward or share a channel with other people. 

* To make it easier for people to find channels on WhatsApp, these will be made public. So users can search for any topic they want and if there are existing channels then they can join them. 

* WhatsApp is also giving users the option to report channels to the moderation team. Channels can be suspended which means that users won’t be able to follow it, and messages sent to it will also be deleted. 

As for the availability of this feature, it’s still under development with no official confirmation yet. WhatsApp is expected to make it available for beta testing soon, and an official release will follow after.

Another thing to note here is that since WhatsApp Channels are public tools, messages sent here will not be end-to-end encrypted. But channels will still remain private and secure, and this will not affect the overall encryption on WhatsApp chats, according to the report.


1) What are the 12 new features coming to WhatsApp channels?

Ans) Interface: Community announcement groups have already received an update enabling a full-width messaging interface for their conversations, and now channels will also adopt this feature.

Verification Status: Channels can be identified as verified with a green checkmark icon, but the process for requesting verification remains unclear. To learn more about the verification process, we will have to wait for an official WhatsApp FAQ to be released.

Number of followers: Under the channel name, there is an indication of the number of followers, but this figure may only be an estimate, especially for channels that have a large number of followers.
Mute notification button: In an effort to provide users with greater control over message notifications received from channels, WhatsApp will make a mute shortcut available within the channel header.

Handles: as announced in our initial article about channels (when they were called newsletters), channels support handles, which are displayed in the channel info.

Real followers count: To obtain an accurate count of a channel’s followers, one can refer to the channel info screen. This count provides an authentic representation of the channel’s followers, in contrast to the estimated count mentioned earlier.
Shortcuts: To enhance the user experience while exploring the channel info screen, WhatsApp plans to introduce three new shortcuts. These shortcuts will enable users to easily unfollow, forward, and share a channel with others.

Mute notifications toggle: an extra toggle is provided to easily mute the channel.
Visibility status: a channel can be set to public, allowing anyone to discover it and view the shared content.
Privacy: channels offer a secure and private space where your information is kept private and protected.
Reporting: if you come across any issues with a channel you follow, you have the option to report the channel to the moderation team.

2) How to make the group call on your Mac device?

Ans) Follow the steps below:
* Open the calls tab
* Now tap on the create call button
* Under the section, users will be able to create a new group call by selecting the choice of people they are willing to add to the call.
The report also stated that users will be able to select up to seven people in this section, but a maximum of 32 people can only join the group audio calls later. The report says that a limited number of beta testers currently have access to the feature allowing group calls within groups, as well as various other enhancements. WhatsApp is said to be developing a broadcast channel conversation feature for Android, which will come bundled with 12 additional functionalities.
The reported set of features includes several enhancements for the broadcast channel conversation on WhatsApp for Android. These enhancements encompass a full-width messaging interface within the conversation, verification status indicators, follower count display, a button to mute notifications, handles for easy identification, real-time follower count, shortcut options, channel description, toggle for muting notifications, visibility status options, privacy settings, and a reporting feature.

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