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  • Cross-platform compatibility for Android and iOS.
  • Tailored for an immersive experience in video calls.
  • Allows sharing of diverse audio content.
  • Currently in the beta testing phase for Android.

WhatsApp is in the process of enhancing the user experience by introducing an innovative feature: WhatsApp Audio Sharing.

Initially spotted on iOS, this feature is now being developed for Android users, aiming to provide an engaging communication experience during video calls and appeasing users who have long craved for such a feature to be introduced.

WhatsApp Audio Sharing

WhatsApp Audio Sharing
WhatsApp Audio Sharing

In a nutshell, WhatsApp audio sharing enables participants in a video call to share and experience music and video audio together.

This capability opens up new avenues for interaction, allowing users to enjoy shared content in real-time.

iOS users of course have been seeing this feature being tested on Apple’s Test Flight program for services that are still in beta mode.

Now Android users are also getting a beta version of this audio sharing feature.

Key Features and Functionalities

Upcoming WhatsApp Features
WhatsApp Audio Sharing Feature: Key Features and Functionalities
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The development of this feature for both Android and iOS platforms ensures a unified experience across devices, enhancing its usability for a wider audience.
  • Exclusive to Video Calls: Tailored specifically for video calls there is a requirement for active screen sharing during these calls.
  • Diverse Audio Sharing: Users can share a variety of audio content, including music and videos, adding a dynamic layer to standard video calls.
  • Beta Testing Phase: Currently in the beta phase on Android version, this feature is not yet widely available but shows promising potential for future rollouts. Beta testers will be among the first to experience these enhancements, as pointed out by WABetaInfo.

How to Access the Feature

Key Features and Functionalities
How to Access the WhatsApp Audio Sharing Feature on Whatsapp

Enrolling in the WhatsApp beta program is straightforward and apart from just the audio sharing functionality, the beta program also gives users a front-row seat to the future of WhatsApp’s upcoming features.

However, users should be prepared for potential bugs and inconsistencies typical of beta versions.

Recent Updates: Enhancing Chat Interactions

Recent Updates: Enhancing Chat Interactions
Recent Updates: Whatsapp Enhancing Chat Interactions

In more news regarding the world’s largest chat platform, WhatsApp recently introduced the ability to pin messages within chats.

This new functionality allows users to prioritize important messages, making them readily accessible.

The process of pinning messages is designed with ease of use in mind.

By simply long-pressing a message and choosing the ‘Pin’ option, users can keep crucial information at the forefront of their chats.

This feature is particularly useful in busy group chats, where important messages can easily get lost in the flurry of conversation.


What is WhatsApp Audio Sharing?

WhatsApp Audio Sharing is an upcoming feature that allows users to share and listen to music and video audio together during a video call.

This new addition aims to create a more engaging and interactive communication experience on the platform.

How can I access the WhatsApp Audio Sharing feature?

To access the new audio sharing feature, users need to enroll in the WhatsApp beta program where they can test and provide feedback on early versions of new functionalities.

However, it’s important to note that beta versions may have bugs and other issues.

What are the benefits of WhatsApp Audio Sharing?

The audio-sharing feature provides a more dynamic way to connect during video calls by allowing users to share their favorite music and videos.

This can enhance the overall call experience and foster a deeper sense of connection among participants.

Are there any privacy considerations with the pin messages feature on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp maintains its standard privacy protocols with the pin messages feature. In group chats, admins have the option to pin messages visible only to other admins, adding an extra layer of control and privacy.

For individual chats, the pinned message is only visible to the people in the conversation, adhering to WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption policy.

What other recent features has WhatsApp introduced alongside pinning messages?

Alongside the pin messages feature, WhatsApp has recently launched several other functionalities to enhance user experience.

These include ‘View Once’ audio messages that disappear after a single play, offering a secure way to share sensitive information.

The ‘Secret Code’ feature allows users to hide specific chats from the main chat list, accessible only through a secret code.

What is WhatsApp’s New View Once Voice Message Feature?

WhatsApp’s latest update introduces the View Once voice message feature, allowing users to send audio messages that disappear after being listened to once.

This feature is designed for sharing sensitive information with added security.

What is the Significance of WhatsApp’s iPad App Launch?

Set for release in 2024, the WhatsApp iPad app will bridge the gap for iPad users, providing an optimized experience over the current Web version.

The app is expected to function in companion mode, requiring smartphone connectivity, and promises to deliver enhanced convenience despite some limitations in features like Status updates and Live Location sharing.

How Will Email Address Verification Impact WhatsApp Users?

WhatsApp’s introduction of email address verification, currently in beta for Android and iOS, represents a significant security upgrade.

This feature will offer an alternative to phone number-based verification, allowing for a more efficient account recovery process and adding an extra layer of security to user accounts.

Can Users Create Alternate Profiles on WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp is testing the creation of alternate profiles, enabling users to maintain different identities for diverse contact groups while linked to the same number.

This feature, under beta testing, is expected to provide greater personalization and privacy, especially useful for users juggling between personal and professional interactions on the same platform.

What Does the Animated Avatars Feature Entail for Video Calls?

The animated avatars feature for video calls will let users employ digital avatars that mimic their real-time facial expressions and movements.

End-to-end encrypted like regular calls, this feature offers a playful twist to video interactions and a comfortable alternative for those preferring not to show their faces.

What Changes Will Be Made to Group Chat Events in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp’s upcoming Group Chat Events feature allows users to organize events within their group chats.

This function will enable users to set event details like date, time, and agenda directly in the app, mirroring the functionality of tools like Google Calendar.

This feature is aimed at simplifying event planning and communication within groups, making it easier to coordinate activities or meetings without leaving the app.

How does the new pin messages feature enhance WhatsApp usability?

WhatsApp’s newly introduced pin messages feature significantly improves chat management by allowing users to highlight crucial messages in any conversation.

By pinning a message, it remains at the top of the chat, ensuring important information is readily accessible without scrolling.

This functionality is particularly useful in busy group chats or lengthy individual conversations where vital messages might otherwise get lost in the influx of texts.

Can I pin more than one message in a chat on WhatsApp?

Currently, WhatsApp allows only one message to be pinned per chat. This limitation ensures that the feature is used for highlighting the most critical message in a conversation.

If a new message is pinned, the previous one automatically gets unpinned. This feature maintains the simplicity and effectiveness of chat management without cluttering the top of the conversation.

On which platforms is the ‘View Once’ feature now available?

Initially available on WhatsApp’s mobile version, the ‘View Once’ feature has now been extended to desktop and web platforms, including WhatsApp Web, Windows, and macOS.

How can users access the ‘View Once’ feature on WhatsApp’s desktop version?

To use the ‘View Once’ feature on WhatsApp’s desktop version, users need to select the ‘View Once’ icon located above the send button after capturing a photo or video.

This ensures the media is sent in a single-view mode.

Are there any privacy concerns with the ‘View Once’ feature?

While the ‘View Once’ feature enhances privacy by ensuring photos and videos disappear after viewing, recipients can still capture the content through screenshots or screen recordings.

It’s important to be mindful of this when using the feature.

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