What is Web 3 and Why is Web 3 Important?

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The term Web 3.0 or Web 3 technology has been regularly making appearances in discussions about the future of technology and the internet. In case you have doubts about the concept, in this article, we are learning more about what is Web3 and why is Web3 important.

We are currently living in an era of Web 2.0 and slowly moving towards the next generation of the internet. It all started in 1994 when Web 1.0 was introduced with all read-only content. After a few years in 2004, Web 2.0 came into the picture and made the internet much more interactive because of the developments in web technologies.

Computer languages such as javascript, HTML5, css3, and others came into existence and allowed the creation of interactive web platforms like YouTube, Facebook and many more. Now, as the evolution of the internet continues, we often hear about Web3 or Web 3.0. But what’s going to change in the next phase? What is Web3? Let’s try to understand.

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What is Web3 or Web 3.0?

Web3 or Web3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the internet allowing the processing of data with near human intelligence through the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies that runs innovative programs to help users by providing them with their relevant choices. It’s a significant step toward open trusting and permissionless networks. Corporates such as Amazon, Apple and Google have already started transforming their existing services into Web 3 applications. Moreover, Siri and Wolfram Alpha are two applications that use Web 3 technology.

What is Web 3

To understand Web 3 completely, we must explore its four key aspects, which also becomes the reason why it will be important. Here’s what we need to comprehend about how and why is Web 3 important.

Why Is Web 3 Important?


Blockchain will help to centralise data storage while also establishing trust in the virtual world because Web 3 will allow information to be retrieved based on its content. It can be kept in several locations simultaneously making it decentralized. This would be particularly significant to dismantle the vast databases currently maintained by internet giants such as Meta (earlier Facebook) and Google giving more power to people.

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Trustful and Permissionless

Web 3 application will be trustful and permissionless. This in simple terms means that web users will be able to interact directly without the need for a trusted intermediary or permission from a governing body. This will further ensure that you can access any data relevant to your choice without any permission from any other node or third party. For example, if you are researching for some data you, don’t need to accept the website cookies.

What is Web 3

Connectivity and Ubiquity

Web3 technology will make it possible for the internet to be accessible by anyone, anywhere at any time. This will be possible because of technologies such as IoT (internet of things), which will be powering several new smart devices. These internet connected devices will no longer be limited to PCs and smartphones as they were in Web 2.0.

AI and Machine Learning

In Web 3, through technology based on semantic web ideas and natural language processing, computers will be able to understand the information in the same way that people do. This will specifically transform the Web3 gaming world. Two sentences may seem different in syntax, however, their semantics could be nearly identical. In such cases, Web3 Technology will help users to achieve more relevant content to their choices and will provide them with ease with internet browsing.

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