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Started as a 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools in August 2020, Meta-owned photo sharing app Instagram has become the most popular social networks worldwide.

With 1.386 billion active users globally, Instagram offered an alternative to Indian users after Chinese app TikTok got banned in India in June 2020 following India-China border row. Instagram reels have emerged as the big winner in the Indian market. In July 2021, Instagram increased the length of Reels video to 60 seconds to offer users an option to make slightly longer and better videos with more creativity.

With AR effects, hilarious stickers, and a solid library of music for lip-syncing videos, Reels has offered almost everything to both creators and folks who want to experiment with short-form videos.

According to Sensor Tower’s app analytics, Instagram downloads have been on upward trend since its launch. From 137 million downloads in in 2020, it went to 219 million in 2021.

Whether you are a new to Instagram Reels or hunting for hacks to enhance your skill, here is list of best tips and tricks that can help you enjoy an upper hand among the online crowd.

It is a must to understand your content

Before jumping into the action, it is advised to choose the area where you want to focus as an Instagram Reels creator. Making reels randomly might not help you to stand out in the online crowd. Since you have just 60 seconds to attract your audience, nothing less than a blitzkrieg or admirable reel can garner hearts and likes. Besides choosing your domain, you need to post Instagram Reels very frequently get the attention.

Instagram reels

Presentation is all that matters

After zeroing on the topic, the next important thing is presentation. You must think of ‘why’ factor to decide on presentation. Consider yourself as an audience and develop your own perspective. You should answer yourself why may anyone want to watch the clip. Once you come to the conclusion, it is time for you to take a call on craft the presentation with precision. Think about each move and the impact it will leave behind.

Why longer is better

As Meta-owned video-sharing platform Instagram has given you 60 seconds to present your skill to a wider audience. It is advised to keep changing between 15, 30, or 60 seconds is pretty straightforward.

Adjust your reel length with this hidden tool

You can tap on the Timer button drag the slider to adjust the length of the video. Besides, you can also adjust the countdown before you go ahead and record your clip.


Right timing and Right Niche: A Formula to excel

Considering how pivotal timing is for perfecting each move or expression, you should never miss out on any trick to get as close to perfection as you can. Before getting into action, tap on the timer button. After that, tap on the tiny button next to the countdown to switch between 3s and 10s seconds. Next, tap on Set Timer.

 Right alignment is necessary

Right alignment must be kept in mind while making the Instagram Reels. A built in video alignment tool is available in the Reels feature. You need to tap on the video alignment button to get your work done.

Instagram reels

Slow Down/Speed Up can do wonders in reels

The native speed adjustment tool helps you to slow down or speed up your reel up to make it appear more dramatic. You just need to click on hit the speed button (1x) and select the desired option. While .3x and .5x allow you to slow down your clip, the 1x, 2x, 3x, and 4x let you speed it up.

Keep experimenting with new effects & AR filters

To let you spice up your video, Instagram keep offering rolling out new effects. You can tap on the effects button and try out a myriad of effects until you are pleased.


Selecting the music

To select the right kind of music while creating the Instagram reels, you just need to tap on the music button and then search for the songs you want to use. After finalising the music, you can use the slider to choose the desired part of the track.

Crisp eye-catchy titles always work

A short and crispy caption can help you draw right kind of attention. Just by playing with the words, can help you nail on the Instagram.

Keep saving your Instagram Reels

It is advised to save your Instagram Reels on your device. Tap on the settings icon at the top left corner. After that, tap on Reels and click on ‘Save reels to device’.

In addition to these, you can use the best third-party Video Editing software, use precise lighting for the live shoots for Instagram reels. Further you should never repeat the same music in your Instagram reels.

Giving a personal touch with original audio, experiments with AR filters, covering your strengthened topics, etc. are other important aspects that need to be taken care of. Remixing other trending Instagram reels with yours is another idea for better reach and last but not the least audio from other reels must be used wisely.

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