Threads Introduces New Tag Feature Amidst User Engagement Challenges

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  • Threads rolls out a new tagging feature to organize and categorize content.

  • Unique tagging system allows phrases with spaces, limited to one tag per post.

  • Tags appear in blue and emojis can be included, enhancing user interaction.

  • Significant user engagement drop challenges Threads’ growth prospects.

Threads, an X competitor owned by Meta,  has recently introduced a new tagging feature, widely known as ‘Tags,’ globally.

After an initial burst of users, engagement on the platform has not been too good. Perhaps this new addition might soothe some troubled waters.

Tags: A New Threads Feature

Tags: A New Threads Feature

Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, announced the global rollout of this feature in a post on Threads.

The introduction of tags is designed to help users categorize their content, making it easier to find and interact with.

If it sounds familiar, then you are right as it is basically the hashtag feature that is prevalent on various social media platforms.

However, Threads’ implementation of tags comes with noticeable differences and functional changes.

In Threads, the traditional “#” symbol, commonly associated with hashtags, won’t be displayed.

Users have the flexibility to tag phrases with spaced-out words, and uniquely, only one tag can be added to each post.

According to Mosseri, this approach to tagging is intended to foster community-focused discussions rather than simply boosting user engagement.

The process of adding a tag on Threads is straightforward. Users can either use the “#” key on their keyboard or a newly introduced # button within the post composer.

This will prompt a list of existing topics from which to choose, or users can create a new one. The tags can include spaces and special characters.

Tags in Threads posts appear in blue, akin to a hyperlink, and can be clicked to follow related conversations on the same topic.

Interestingly, emojis are also permitted as part of or in combination with a tag, as noted by an Instagram Product Designer.

Slowing User Growth on Threads

Change Your Threads Username
Slowing User Growth on Threads

As mentioned above, Threads has experienced a significant drop in user engagement after its launch.

Initially, the app saw over 49 million daily active users, but this number fell by nearly half to 23.6 million within a week.

The average time users spent on the app also decreased from 21 minutes to 6 minutes.

All this is an indication that Threads is now facing challenges and potential difficulties in its long-term growth.

These new features could be a shot in the dark to see if user engagement numbers can be driven up.


What is the New Tagging Feature on Threads?

Threads introduced a tagging system allowing users to categorize content, different from traditional hashtags as it omits the “#” symbol and allows spaced phrases.

How Do Tags Function in Threads Posts?

Tags in Threads are unique, appearing in blue like a hyperlink, and can include emojis, offering a new way to follow conversations on specific topics.

What Challenges is Threads Currently Facing?

Threads has seen a sharp decline in user engagement, with daily active users falling significantly, indicating challenges in maintaining long-term user interest.

Can Tags Impact User Engagement on Threads?

The new tagging feature aims to enhance content discovery and interaction on Threads, potentially addressing recent issues in user engagement.

Can I edit my threads after posting them?

Yes, Threads by Instagram now allows you to edit your threads up to five minutes after posting.

Is there a cost for editing threads?

No, unlike some platforms, the editing feature on Threads is available at zero cost.

How do I use the new voice threads feature?

Simply tap the microphone symbol, and use the recording tool that appears to record your voice thread.

Are voice threads available on the web version?

Currently, the voice threads feature is not available on the web version of Threads.

What is the new feature in the Threads app?

The latest Threads app update introduces a feature that allows users to delete their Threads account without impacting their Instagram account. This provides greater control over their social media presence and account management.

How does the account deletion process work in Threads?

In the Threads app, users can go to Settings > Account > Delete or Deactivate Profile. They have the option to either permanently delete their account or deactivate it. Deactivation archives the data, while deletion removes the profile and posts entirely.

Will deleting my Threads account affect my Instagram account?

No, deleting your Threads account will not affect your Instagram account. This update was specifically designed to separate Threads account management from Instagram, addressing user requests for more independence between the two platforms.

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