Adam Mosseri busts common myth about hashtag on Instagram

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Are you among those who have been using hashtags in your posts to get more views? Adam Mosseri, head Instagram, has recently busted this myth by saying that use of hashtags will not help you get more views on your posts.

Indeed, hashtags help to land up in a place like a hashtag page for instance, but in general, hashtags are not a way to try and get more distribution, confirms Mosseri while responding to users’ queries on Instagram.

According to Mosseri, hashtags help user to understand what a post is about. Instagram head’s response could potentially be a game changer for social media users about exactly how the platform works.

In another development, Instagram announced to add new ways to tag and improved ranking. The move is aimed to make sure that creators are successful and get all the credit they deserve.

The Meta-owned photo-sharing app has added new ways to tag and improved ranking. Instagram had added Product Tags, Enhanced Tags and Ranking for originality. According to media report, Instagram is also testing Templates, a new feature that will allow Reels creators to use the same format as other videos.

Meanwhile, Instagram is also testing new templates that make it easier to create Reels on the platform. The feature will allow copying formats used in other Reels to create your own, something similar to TikTok’s pre-made templates that lets users drop in their own content in a selected format.

According to a tweet by Instagram Comms, the app is trying out some new things to make hashtags as valuable as possible for people. A few weeks ago, Instagram rolled out Destinations which helps connect people to more information around social causes, and now, they are going to try something new.

For a small group, Instagram is testing more recent and timely content in ‘Top’ and ‘Reels’ tabs in hashtags, and removing the ‘Recent’ tab. The move is aimed to see if this helps people connect with more interesting and relevant content on hashtags, while also keeping them across what’s current.

Last month, Instagram announced testing a new feature that would make it easier for users to discover and support social causes directly through hashtags. Now, when you search for specific hashtags associated with certain social movements, users will have the option to support them through new options.

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