The Best Way to Charge Your Device Will Make Its Battery Last Way Longer

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Nothing could be worse than getting stuck with a dead smartphone or a laptop right when we need them the most. And let’s be honest, there is no time of the day when we do not need our smartphones. While at that moment we can curse our bad luck as much as we want, the truth of the matter is that every lithium-ion battery has a fixed lifecycle.

A lithium-ion battery on average has 500 battery cycles, which is roughly a year and a half of full battery runs. A battery cycle is basically every full phone charging from zero to full. This simply means the more full charge cycles our mobile phone or other such devices goes through, the quicker the battery or device entirely will have to be replaced. There are, however, a few tricks and best ways to charge your device that can ultimately make its battery last way longer and save you some mobile phone repair costs. Let’s find out.

First of all, avoid your device battery from draining to zero per cent and to charging to the maximum. Many people assume that letting the battery drain completely and then charging it might calibrate the battery. But the story is completely different in lithium-ion batteries. These do not have any memory to calibrate. In fact, letting the battery drain completely and then charging it to a hundred per cent only shortens the battery’s lifespan.

Secondly, charge your devices slowly keeping the revolutionary fast charging technology for emergencies only. Fast charging reduces battery life. You can try connecting your device to your laptop or computer for charging, which uses a slow charging mechanism for charging the battery.

The Best Way to Charge Your Device

Thirdly, stop charging your device over hundred per cent. And do not keep the device charging overnight. Many of us are guilty of this where we connect our devices to the charging plug and then forget about it altogether. Charging devices beyond 100% can cause great damage to the battery and eventually reduce the battery life. The high voltage passing through an already-charged battery can also turn dangerous as the overheating builds up heat inside the device body. Ideally, the battery shouldn’t be drained below 30 per cent and charged above 80 per cent during a single charge.

While how you charge your device does make a difference, there are many other ways that can make a lot of difference in how your device battery performs. One such battery saver way is shutting the WiFi and Bluetooth features off when not in use. This should not be a thing to mention but most of us, if we check our smartphones right about now, would find either the Bluetooth or the WiFi support switched on. Sometimes we keep both switched on for no reason or immediate use.

Another thing that can bring about a huge difference in the device battery lifespan is switching off the location feature. Many devices, especially smartphones, tablets and computers, have apps that keep the location feature on in the background. This drains off the device’s battery even when the device or the particular app or feature is not in use.

Any electronic device is just as useful as its battery life. So, make sure you use it effectively and take care of the above points while charging or otherwise to have a longer battery lifespan.

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