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Chainsaw Man, with more than 18 million copies in circulation as of October 2022, is a well-received Japanese manga anime series known for its captivating storyline, humour, and raw brutality. This is the story of Dinji, a young protagonist who fuses physically with a dog-like devil Pochita and thus, gets the power of transforming any of his body parts into Chainsaws.

But we are not discussing Chainsaw Man Denji here. Instead, we are talking about another interesting character from the Chainsaw Man Manga series which has many characters such as Aki Hakayawa, Makima, Asa Mitaka and more. The character we are focusing on here, however, is Power. Power is the gifted accomplice of Dinji and easily a fan-favourite character from the series. She is powerful, she is mysterious, and she is truly wild.

To know more about her, here are 10 facts about Power in Chainsaw Man (2022) you need to know.

Chainsaw Man Manga series

  1. So, Power is the devil trapped in a human body in a desperate attempt to avoid death. The devil in this process loses some of its power but they still are a devil. The original memories and personality traits of the devil now house in Power.
  2. Power isn’t really fond of humans because they are humans. Nothing personal fellow humans though! The fact is that Power doesn’t have very high opinions when it comes to the human race. She perceives humans as cowards and buffoons.
  3. Power’s blood horns that grow out of her head further grow significantly whenever she takes in more blood than her present state requires.
  4. Power can be often found lying to your face. There are no morality trophies to win here since this is no story of an ideal hero. Power is a rough antihero and if needed she can lie for her benefit. She can also resort to lying for fun or to avoid facing uncomfortable moments.
  5. Power enjoys the goriness and doesn’t mind getting blood-soaked during a fight. We have often seen male characters with such acceptance of violence in online gaming but Power probably is the only female character to share similar personality traits.
  6. Power draws inspiration from the famous South Park character Eric Cartman. Similar to that foul-mouthed kid, Power is also rude, self-centred, egomaniacal, and many times obnoxious. Many say there are shades of Walter Sobchak in Power as well.
  7. Power doesn’t see any incentive in being hygienic and clean. She is probably one anime character that is most likely to forgo baths, avoid washing hands, or even not use the toilet properly.
  8. Power loves Cats! She has grown fond of Meowy so much that the cat has become the only living being on earth Power would defend beside herself.
  9. Power isn’t interested in friendship as the devil inside her probably doesn’t believe in the concept. This is also an extension of her arrogant and fellow human-hating attitude. She is far from being sentimental about things that will make her weak, or rather make her appear weak. Meowy – the cat is probably the only creature towards whom Powers feels something.
  10. Power’s name has a Christian connection. Interestingly, Power is the only character in Chainsaw Man’s entire franchise whose name isn’t Japanese. When we first meet her, the name almost seems unreal to the world. However, author Tatsuki Fujimoto has shed light on this. At Jump Festa 2021, Fujimoto revealed to the audience that the name Power is derived from Christian angles roots.

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