SPPL announces investment of Rs 300 crores in RND center to focus on IOT technology

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Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd, an exclusive brand licensee for Kodak HD LED TVs in India, today announced an investment of INR 300 crores to strengthen its capabilities in IoT technologies. Phased over 3 years, the investment will focus on building intelligent TVs that are intuitive and meet the demands of the “new Indian customer”.

The “new Indian customer” has evolved during the COVID19 experience and the definition of TV has changed. It is estimated that by end of 2023 there will be more than 1 million smart homes devices in the Indian market. The investment will help Kodak HD LED TVs disrupt the market by becoming a one stop platform for work-from-home needs for the new customer. Equipped with large screens, Kodak Android TVs will now also connect all the smart home devices in the house.

To suit their needs, Kodak HD LED TVs is developing a mobile application which would integrate the TV and appliances, just by voice command one could now book service call, increase or decrease temperature of your AC, adjusting the lighting according tv mode (movie, sports, news).

Avneet Singh Marwah, Director and CEO of Super Plastronics Pvt Ltd said, “We are committed to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, and Kodak TV will have first mover advantage, not only for domestic market but also to compete globally. Kodak TV is offering aggressive pricing at better technology and expanding its infrastructure in India. In 2021, Kodak TV will have 1000 service centres in India and will be available in more than 70,000 counters across the country.”

Kodak HD LED TV also announced a product line-up of 10 new models in 2021, after back-to-back successful launches of CA and 7XPRO series in 2020. The Investment will bring best of technology and experience to the customer, including voice commands in 7 regional languages with google assistant and hand free experience.

The announcements come in line with Kodak HD LED TVs and Flipkart’s partnership for The Electronics Sale (March 16-20, 2021). The brand has announced exciting offers on the HDX series as well as on the recently launched bezel-less CA and 7XPRO series, starting at Rs 7,999.

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